essential oil containers and kits start using your oils in a new way. great for beginners
Essential Oils Becky  

Essential Oil Containers

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Essential Oils are one of my most exciting finds this year.  I use them in the house, in my sewing space and really everywhere.  I have a few favorite scents and am beginning to mix and match a few to make things that work well for me and my family.

essential oil containers and kits start using your oils in a new way. great for beginners

When mixing your oils though (if you are a beginner like me) it can be a little tricky.  What container is one concern that I had.  After asking around and ordering a few I found these kits and products.  They work great for the things I am doing now.

So- just in case you picked up the starter kit and have used the bottles and oils just as they came….. and are ready to explore a little bit outside of that, these will come in handy.

This kit comes with really a few of everything to give you a chance to try out some lip balm, creams, sprays, roller ball application mixes and more.

Essential Oil Containers in a Kit

essential oil containers


There are  few containers that I like to have on hand– without having to purchase the kit though.  They are roller ball containers.  These are great for mixing a few oils and then having them in a simple to use bottle.  The roller ball is such a smooth application.  The bottle is just large enough to last for quite a while and not too big- you can carry it around without being a big deal.

Roller Ball Containers

blue roller ball container for essential oils


Spray Bottle Containers-  these are great for using for oils you’d like in a spray bottle- think bug spray, stinky bathroom spray.  These are a little small, but larger spray bottles are great for storing your homemade spray starch.



essential oil spray bottles


After you make your fun concoctions- you will need something to carry them around in.

You can make a fleece container that can pop into any other bag you have.  The padding around the bottle keeps it safe no matter where it is.  The other is a full zipper pouch which has elastic to help keep individual bottles in place and secure.  I use both- depending on what I’m carrying around!

essential oils soft pouch travel keeper tutorial essential oils carry zipper pouch how to sew one yourself

If you are interested in a essential oil for beginners kit, head on over here for all the info on essential oils.

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