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Young Living Oil Breakdown

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Since joining the Young Living Oil family I have become more and more interested in what each oil does.  There are quite a few of them to pick from.  The starter kit has a great selection to get you going…and to tell you the diffuser is my favorite seriously is an understatement.

To help you out– just in case you are in the same boat as me, just diving in heads first without too much breathing going on.  Here is a fantastic breakdown for what the young living oil does– individually.

young living oil --what does each oil do? Great information to help you.

How do you use the oils?

The thing about essential oils is that they work slightly differently on different people. Because we’re all different after all! So you do have to test out different oils and combinations.

Here are some of the ways we use the oils in our family:

  • Lavender essential oil – oh so many uses, they don’t call this the swiss army knife of oils for nothing! Dried chapped hands, paper cuts, screaming children, bumps and bruises… when any of these things happen I reach for the lavender.
  • Thieves essential oil – named after a group of men who stole from the bodies of plague victims and did not get sick. Colds and flu, warding off germs, sore throats, cleaning the house – all good times to crack open the Thieves!
  • Peace and Calming – does what it says on the bottle. I diffused this one day to try and calm my children when they were screaming and I very nearly fell asleep! Now I use it in their bedrooms at night.
  • Panaway, valor and peppermint – this is my go to combination when I have bone pain in my spine (I have osteoporosis and fractured several vertebra), I feel so much better putting oils on my skin than swallowing pills!

Before getting my oils I was really only familiar with a few of these.  When the kit arrived I was blown away by the variety and the smell.  Oh, the smell.  Yummy.

My favorite combination is Thieves and Lavender.  2 drops each in the diffuser and you are set.  Love it!

If you need a travel case or cushion pockets for your bottles– check out all of my Young Living Essential Oil Projects here!

If you are interested in learning more about Young Living Products and the starter kit– Check out my Young Living Oil page.


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