handmade lotion bar with essential oils
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How to Make Lotion Bars

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My hands are dry. During the winter they are terrible. I don’t really notice until I am working on some hand stitching and then spot them. They are a wreck! They snag on everything. They snag on the thread, yarn, fabric. They are static. They cling to everything!!!

lotion bars with young living essential oil
In the past I’ve made soap. I went on a big soap making kick. I mean big. I love making soaps.
Because of this, I got thinking that making homemade lotion bars would be fun to make. I gave it a try and it works great for my hands!
So- if you are like me and have chappy horrible stitching hands…this is for you to try.

handmade lotion bar with essential oils
Materials Needed:
1 part coconut oil

1 part shea butter, cocoa butter or mango butter (or a mix of all three)

1 part beeswax- optional.  I didn’t have any on hand so I used only shea and coconut oil. I know this is a great option though to add.

Vitamin E oil- 1 tsp for every cup of the above mixture

essential oils— I used lavender, but you can use whatever you’d like
container- the rubber ones are great, but instead of running to the store, I picked through the plastic drawer and found this little container in the drawer. Then I lined it with a plastic sandwich bag so I could pop it out of the container easily.

How to make Lotion Bars:
1) Melt ingredients together
2) Add essential oils – I use and sell Young Living Oil (I’m in love!)
3) Pour into the mold and let set -see above for the reason I used a baggie and a plastic container.

essential oil lotion homemade
4) Pop out and cut into little pieces

handmade lotion bar cutting
You can put the little chunks into smaller containers to carry around.

Because I used the plastic container and the baggie the edges aren’t as pretty as they could be. The mixture was a bit choppy too- but because it softens when you touch it, it is super easy to smooth and shape as you’d like.
How to Use:
Rub on your hands –the warmth of your hands will melt the lotion a bit and make it workable.
If you need more, rub over again…. You can even leave it in the container and then rub a few fingers across and rub in.

I use my bar every night before I go to bed.  I let it work its wonders during the night.  When I wake up in the morning, my hands are so soft and ready for some sewing!

handmade lotion bars

If you are interested in essential oils to add to your home and sew up a few projects to use them with— head on over to my Young Living Oil page.  I’d love to send you something– I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do!


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  1. Irene V. (MammaNene)

    That’s a great recipe, Becky!
    I am a soapmaker me too, olive oil, lye and essential oils… and I do lip balms and washing machine soap too… it’s a small world!

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