poo pourri recipe for DIY poo spray
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Poo Pourri Recipe

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You probably are going bonkers trying to figure out where in the world this came from or how it fits there.  Let me hurry and tell you before you run away.

You sew.  You sew with others.  You go on retreats.  Your bathroom is right next to the ironing station.  You have to use the restroom.  Yeah….you see where this is going?

We are all humans here and everyone poops.  But when it comes to being with others, we really dislike the whole scenario.

The poo pourri recipe is so you can DIY your own poop spray.  It’s small.  It’s portable.  It’s easy to share and it’s sooooo wonderful to use when you are with others!

Let’s get started.

poo pourri recipe for DIY poo spray

Poo Pourri Recipe~

3 oz. spray bottle

1 tsp Rubbing Alcohol

20-30 drops of essential oils – my favorite oils are Young Living Oils.



Pour rubbing alcohol into 3oz. spray bottle.

Add essential oils.  The alcohol allows the oils mix with the water so you don’t have to shake it every time you use it.  For our mixes I used lemongrass and peppermint mixed.  It works great!

Fill the rest of the bottle with water and close with lid.

Spray 2-3 times into toilet just before using it.

The idea behind this is that the oils make a film on the surface of the water.  Anything below the water line will be trapped under the oils– including the small and stinky particles.

Leave the bottle on top of the toilet – quick to grab, easy to use.

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  1. Jackie Hale

    Ya made me laugh! Thanks for the recipe. I’ll have to give it a try….

  2. Becky

    Jackie— I know it is right?! Totally give it a try. Love it !)

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