Essential Oils Zipper Pouch Tutorial

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A couple of weeks ago I was introduced to the Young Living Essential oils.  I have a few that I had bought awhile back, but after doing a bit of looking around and trying the oils out, I thought we were a great match.  You can find out more info on the program here.

After my starter kit arrived last week and trying to figure out where to put them… want them protected, I thought a zipper pouch would work the best.  Using elastic inside to hold each individual oil bottle, the zipper pouch is great for grabbing and go. Or just storing on your shelf if you’d like.

essential oils travel zipper pouch tutorial

For the lining of the bag I used an oil cloth material.  Great for wiping if you need.  The bag has non fusible fleece to help protect the bottles.

Materials Needed:

8 1/2″ X 9″ lining– I used an oil cloth fabric

8 1/2″ X 9″ fleece

Strips of fabric for making the log cabin quilt block

9″ zipper

16″ elastic 1/4″ wide

essential oils carry zipper pouch how to sew one yourself

Essential Oils Zipper Pouch Tutorial~

1)  Place one fabric piece in the center of the fleece backing.

2)  Sew another piece to one side and flip back

log cabin quilt as you go

3)  Repeat this sew and flip until you have completely covered the fleece backing– depending on how you do this your block might look like a log cabin or not.  This is similar to the Quilt as you Go technique.  Need a little bit more instruction on it? You’ll find the tutorial here: quilt as you go

log cabin quilt as you go1

4)  Draw a line on the oil cloth 2″ from the edge.  Line should be 9″ long

oil zipper pouch lining

5)  Mark along this line 1″, starting from the edge 1″

mark the oilcloth for elastic placement

6)  Mark your elastic piece every 2″

mark the elastic to hold the essential oils

7)  Lining the elastic up with the drawn line, match up the marks on the elastic with the marks on the oil cloth– stitch to secure, then move on to the next marks

stitching the oil bottle spaces

8)  Sew the zipper along the top edge of the bag– zipper is in between the outside and lining piece

sewing the zipper

9)  Top stitch the zipper area

topstitch on the zipper

10)  Fold the lining and outside piece over and pin the zipper in place- stitch in place

zipper closeup

11)  Line up the zipper across the top and line up the sides…sew– if you’d like to control those strings you can zig zag along the edge or serge it

sew the sides of the bag

12)  Open the corner and box pleat it– sew to secure.  The measurement is around 1″ from the corner. You can play with that measurement to get a custom size if you are needing it a bit wider at the bottom.  More on making a box pleat here!

box pleat the corners

13)  Turn right sides out and push the corners out

essential oils carry zipper pouch tutorial 1

This bag will hold in the elastics 7 essential oil bottles.  Plus there is space in the bag for other little goodies that don’t need to be protected.

essential oils carry zipper pouch tutorial 3

It’s perfect for grab and go or tossing in your car or purse.

essential oils carry zipper pouch tutorial great for travel

Check out what came in the starter kit– I love the diffuser!!


If you are interested in ordering essential oils for yourself, or learning how you can earn money selling them….check here.

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