Essential Oils Key Fobs Tutorial

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Whether it’s back to school, or a sewing retreat, or whatever the occasion- maybe it’s just daily run arounds and errands!  I do love to have a few essential oils on hand.  I am kind of funny like that (are you funny like that as well?)

A few of my favorites- brain power, clarity, joy (smells like roses!) just to name a few.  Really, they all compete for the first position of favorite.

I am not a big fan though of hauling around a zipper pouch full for small run arounds or retreats — I might just want one bottle with me– and key fobs are the answer!

So- this little ribbon carrier is just perfect for one bottle.

essential oil key fob tutorial.  Make a little carrier for a single bottle!  Great for travel or clipping onto your purse.

Materials needed:

2″ X 8 1/2″ ribbon or handle strapping

swivel key ring would work the best (I couldn’t find my stash, so the ring works, but then I had to find another ring to hang it with. Not the best solution there)

hang on your bag

Essential Oils Key Fobs Tutorial:

1)  Hem both ends of the ribbon- fold it over 1/4- 1/2″ and sew

ribbon length

2) Fold one end over- placing the key ring in between

sew in keyring

3)  Fold the other end over and place the essential oils bottle on top, move it around until you are happy with the height of the pocket

measure the bottle

4)  Sew around the pocket- both sides and along the bottom.  Repeat for double stitching

fold and sew

Now you are ready to hang it and slide your bottle in place.

*you may want to play with the bottle and make sure it won’t slip out too easily.  If it does, remove the bottle and sew a new seam to snug up to the bottle better.

essential oil key fob tutorial.  Make a little carrier for a single bottle!  Great for travel or clipping onto your purse.

For other carriers for your essential oils visit:

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Are you interested in purchasing your own oils?  You’ll find more info all about the young living oils here!

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