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5 Ways I Use Essential Oils in My Sewing Space – and so should you!

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This past little bit I joined forces with a few others and Young Living Oils.  Without going to crazy and bombarding you why I am in love with their products, I’ll just share today a few ways that I use them in my sewing space.

The lovely thing about essential oils is they are perfect for anyone.  You can choose and change your mind what you like, how to use it and when to use it.  So many options.  You can build it — or not.  It’s totally up to you.

using essential oils in your creative space-- learn how to use them in spray starch, sachet, hand lotion bars and more.  Perfect for you if you your a crafter!

I am finding myself using them at least once per day…… here are my favorite ways to use them while I get my craft on:

handmade lotion bar with essential oils

Handmade Lotion Bars– during any time of the year my hands take a beating.  The summer dry heat, the winter chilly…either does a number on my hands!  Nothing is worse than your finger tips snagging on thread while hand stitching or machine sewing.  Not my favorite!  Make your own lotion bars with a few ingredients and really –it works wonders!

Homemade spray starch for your fabric— that’s right you can totally make your own.  This mixture only has 3 ingredients and one is the essential oils!  Nothing is better than ironing with a yummy scent in the room.  Use only a few drops when you mix it and you’ll be fine.  No problems with the fabric.

hand made lavender sachet Great for stitching in drawers, cars and wherever you need a yummy smell.
lavender sachet for fabric drawers — since my sewing cottage was outside, I always had a problem with the smell a little bit.  It was a damp smell.  Sometimes you even get this in basements.  These little magic triangles are perfect for tossing into a drawer, or stuffing on the shelf, or hanging in your sewing space for an extra little bit of scent.  Whatever your favorite scent is, it’s perfect for your space!

rice filled heating pad with essential oils tutorial

Microwave heating pad….this one is what I use when I am slouched over the machine for long hours (not complaining about that!) but sometimes my body does.  These are perfect for popping into the microwave for a minute or two and you are ready to sit back and let it do it’s thing.  Having a yummy essential oil inside helps too!  The lavender oil is a calming oil….makes you totally relax!

And lastly– a diffuser.  The young living essential oils starter kit has a wonderful diffuser.  You can pick your smell and diffuse away! Nothings better than having a yummy smell through the room. It freshens it up, lifts your spirit and it even might inspire you!  (by clearing your head)  The citris mix is my favorite.  A little bit of lemon, orange in there.

Do you have a favorite?   If you are interested in joining my team….or simply ordering them to have in your home to enjoy, check out the Young Living Essential Oils page….it will tell you all about it!

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