Beginners Guide to using Essential Oils

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Essential oils for beginners…. or the basics.  If you are like me, you will need this!  I find around every corner is a new use and exciting way to use my essential oils.

After ordering these (sometimes they are the bonus that comes along in the Premium Essential Oils Starter Kit) I have dug deep into them and found out sooo much more!

Getting started with essential oils? The best place to go right now is to the educational guides.

beginners guide to using essential oils

Beginners Guide to Using Essential Oils~

A quick hint about essential oils–

You can use them aromatically, topically, and internally.

Aromatically {by simply sniffing the bottle or a diffuser}

Topically {usually with a carrier oil on the skin or a certain place on the body} or internally {in a veggie cap}. 

They can be used for health concerns, cleaning, general well being, and cooking.

They smell really natural, and some of them are absolutely divine.

Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils

quick reference guide for using essential oils

Designed as a pocket guide for convenience, the Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils contains the last section, “Personal Guide”, of the large Reference Guide for Essential Oils plus the Vita Flex Feet Chart and other summary information.

It is the perfect pocket guide to using pure, therapeutic quality essential oils. With information on over 600 health conditions, it is probably one of the most comprehensive and concise books of its kind on the market today.

The new 2014 Edition is revised and expanded, with more information than ever before, new navigation aids, and research findings from a host of published studies.

First Aid for Pets using Essential Oils

first aid for pets and essential oils

I do love my pets… I have Daisy- the jack russel, Sage- the cat, two birds and a couple of fish.  This little page is chuck full of info and help when I something hits the pets.  It is double sided…love it!

Natural Ways to Care for your Baby (older kids too!)

essential oils and your baby

There aren’t any more babies in the house, but that doesn’t mean that a few of these don’t still work for bigger kids!  This is a great resource– especially that cough mix.  That works great every time.

First Aid using the Everyday Oils Collection

first aid and essential oils for beginners

The first aid guide is great for minor things.  I have noticed that since using the diffuser a few of these things… like bad colds, itchy eyes from allergies and more has gotten so much better. This guide is my go to paper for a quick reference of what to do when.

essential oils guide

Essential Oils Tips + Tricks to Remember:

  • If you’re interested in essential oils and would like to start off as a beginner (just like me) check out the full info on the premium starter kit.  That is what I started with and love, love it.   I am using the Young Living Oils.  I am soooo impressed with the company and with the oils.  I have purchased a few of the other brands and these by far are my favorite.  You can choose to be a distributor or not.. no pressure (I’d sure love it if you joined my team) but if you are just interested in purchasing the kit and oils only, that’s awesome too!
  • How much do you use?  Only a few drops.  Anything more and whoawatch out!  These are super awesome oils and are very strong.  Because they are stored in the dark bottles they will last a long time.  You can keep them forever!  Love that!
  • Test in a small spot on your own skin before mixing up a bunch and finding out there is a problem.
  • If you or your children have allergies. use a carrier oil for stronger oils or test again in a small spot to make sure everything is ok.  The spicier oils like thieves and peppermint can be strong on the skin.

essential oils for beginners all together

I really do love my oils.and am picking up new tips and tricks and ways to use them.  It seems like it’s endless with what they can do!

Looking for more info on each of the bottles of oils included in the kit?  Head on over to the Essential Oils for Beginners page.  It has a great breakdown of what they are and how I use them.

If you’re interested in getting started with essential oils and how they can help you , the premium starter kit is for you!

All of these guides can be included in your Young Living Oil Premium Starter Kit.  It’s a great way to pick up a bunch of info quickly and get started using your essential oils.

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