Easy Sewing Projects for Men on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is quickly approaching…or maybe you are looking for an easy sewing project you can make your man!   It’s hard to find a good quilt for dads….let alone something different! Here’s a few sewing projects for men in your life.

A few ideas– apron for some bbq yummies, a leather wallet, golf bag towel, pj pants, a t-shirt quilt, and a few camp things.

sewing projects for men

Guys are a little hard to sew for.  My honey tends to be a little bit more picky and thus, I don’t usually go this direction.  But, after looking around for a little big, I found that maybe there were some things that could be sewn for them that they would be totally ok with.

Easy Sewing Projects for Men

t-shirtquiltcamp chair bag
Sewing projects for men a sewing project your man will love
Sewing project for men cozy quilt for men
Sewing project for the men in your lifeLove Note CCS 16
sewing projects for the men in your life How to sew a wallet
sewing project for men
Sewing pants for menSewing a quilt for dads

For more fun quilts for boys and dads….

16 Quilt tutorials for guys or dads | patchwork posse

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