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How to Sew a String Quilt

In my local quilt last month we learned a little bit about how to sew a string quilt.  I was so surprised at how simple it was to sew….and with the foundation piece you can keep control of all the pieces.

how to sew a string quilt tutorial

The process is very similar to Mile a Minute sewing….except you have a back or foundation piece.

There isn’t any hard and fast rule with the size of the foundation piece.   You can pick the size– and then cut enough foundations

Materials Needed:

random strips of fabric

foundation piece -you pick your shape and size

how to string quilt

How to Sew a String Quilt~

materials for string piecing

1)  Cut your foundation pieces to the size you’d like your finished block to be (or maybe add just a titch so you can trim it later)

string piecing

2)  Taking your first background piece and lay one strip right sides facing up– pin in place if you need

3)  Lay the second strip right sides facing the previous strip.  Sew to secure

string piecing steps

4)  You can totally speed piece through this part.  Sewing one piece after another.

5)  Iron the strip back

iron your piece

6)  Continue the process on either side of the strip that you placed at the beginning, until the foundation piece is completely covered

7)  Place right sides down and trim your block using the foundation piece as your guide

string piece quilting

Ready to make a string pieced quilt?

Learn how to sew up string quilt blocks and then put them into a quilt. Easier than I thought!

Flamingo Legs String Quilt Pattern



4 thoughts on “How to Sew a String Quilt

  1. Vintage Quilter

    This is a great pattern for a quick quilt. Thanks

  2. Ellen

    How do you get the rest of the tutorial i.e. Put the blocks together to form the quilt, how and at what stage do you quilt it? etc. Do you have to be a member to get the pattern?

  3. Becky

    Ellen- it’s right here: https://www.patchworkposse.com/string-piece-strip-quilt-tutorial/

    Thanks for letting me know it isn’t linked here. I’ll go ahead and add it!

  4. Joanne

    This was one of the first things I learned when I Joined my Guild a few years ago. For foundations we used a piece of muslin but I have seen it done with blocks cut from old telephone books. This way you get to recycle, reuse.

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