26 Quilt As You Go Tutorials

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Quilt as you go tutorials QAYG and patterns including video on making QAYG quilts. Learn with these fun 26 different quilt as you go tutorials.

I am kind of fascinated with the Quilt as you go method.  I don’t use it very often…sometimes I find it confusing to get all the parts right, but it’s a great method to use if you don’t own a big quilting machine. Basically it’s like flip and sew, flip and sew…repeated.

quilt as you go tutorials / patchworkposse.com Learn how to stitch with your machine the quilt as you go method! So many options and tutorials for beginners to choose from. It's not just for quilts and table runners!

Free Quilt as you go tutorials and patterns~

There is an additional beauty of -when it’s done, it’s done.  {besides the binding}  This works well for those who have a short attention span to sewing projects.  The smaller projects are a great way to get familiar and try out the quilt as you go.  Always, always start small.

What is this technique you ask?  Well, to put it shortly– you are sewing the top piece of the fabric {or your quilt top} right down through the layers of batting and backing.  Sometimes it’s a sew and flip method, sometimes it’s- sew a block then quilt it, then put those together sort of thing.  The size of the quilt block can vary and come in rows even.

If you are looking for a quick tutorial on how this process is done– check out the quilt as you go how to.  You can also learn the whole process here as well.

QAYG From Start to Finish

Interested in learning the method from start to finish?  

We offer a 3 project Quilt as You Go technique class here — OR you can find it in the membership -> International Association of Quilters. This was one technique that we focused on for a couple of months in the quilt group.

Quilt as you go pattern and class for beginners! Learn this technique with three fun projects.

Additional supplies you may need:

Quilt As You Go 26 Free Tutorials using QAYG method~

Size is different, there are many different styles of methods and even some bags, table runners, wall hanging, book covers are in there! {don’t forget about the puff quilt too!}

For the most part, quilt as you go is great for any level of quilter – from beginner to advanced. The process is easy to follow and you’ll be able to catch on quickly.

Depending on the tutorial or process, you may end up with a quilt that is reversible as well! That’s so much fun when you get double the use of the quilt or project!

easter quilt as you go table runner tutorial | patchwork posse quilt as you go binder tutorial | patchwork posse
Needle Keeper Tutorial using your fabric scraps / patchworkposse.com #tutorial  
 QAYG Log Cabins tutorial  Puff Quilt Tutorial Button
A Quilt As You Go Tutorial 
 32 cheeky blocks  scrappy ornaments | quilt as you go | patchwork posse | easy sewing projects and free quilt tutorials
 QAYG Tutorial Header  
 mug rug for gifts  
 Tote  Strip and Flip Quilt Tutorial

Free Quilt as You Go Videos on making QAYG Table Runner:

Making a braided table runner:

More projects using this technique:

Quilt as you go table Runners

15 Zipper bags and Pouches

Supplies to keep you up to speed with Quilt as you go–

Super Sharp Scissors

Rotary Cutter

Quilting Fabric

Have you tried this method or technique?  What did you love or dislike about it?

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