The Round Robin Edition 23 – 30 Minutes or less

Welcome to The Round Robin Edition 23 – 30 Minutes or less.

happy monday….

in the sewing room…

I’ve been contemplating quilting designs for the Sampler of 2018.  While the top has been done for a few weeks, I am having the hardest time finding the right quilting pattern….and deciding what to do!

I keep getting pulled back to the clam shell quilting design.  It holds it’s own with a sampler quilt and is uniform –which can help calm the busyness of the quilt blocks as well.  Plus, Kim (my neighbor and friend) said that I could use her digitized quilting machine.  Um, yes.  That would save so much time learning to use the clam shell ruler!  We’ll see how it goes. So excited to maybe get this quilt wrapped up and of course, just in time to get going on the next project.


today’s topic…  30 minute projects to sew!

apron tutorial for little girls | patchwork posse

sew it…

Apron on point tutorial

It’s a simple apron tutorial you can sew in an hour!

It really doesn’t take long and cooking can be fun…but cooking with little kids can be funner!

This apron is just the right size for the little helper in your kitchen.

Need it bigger? No problem, make a few adjustments to the fabric you are starting with.

something fun…

Mitered corner baby blanket…   click here to read more.

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20+ Sewing projects under 30 minutes…  click here to read more

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No side seams Pillowcase…. click here to read more

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Fabric storage bin… click here to read more

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Kitchen dish towels…. click here to read more

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Potato cooker bag… click here to read more

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quilty chit chat…

There have been a few fun projects posted in the Quilting 101 fb group.

 The Three’s Company – your blocks are flying in and they are sooo wonderful to see! Are you sewing along?

Join the group for free here.

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