Round Robin Row 1 by Becky of Patchwork Posse

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Today we start!!  I am totally excited to show off what I came up with– since I am first and all.

First though I thought I'd thow out a few new things– I know you just want the pattern and run to your sewing machines, but first you must listen. I mean, read this:

To post photos you need to 'buy' the round robin at  the main site- no worries- FREE!! {and super easy}  This will get you all access to the photo gallery, a forum AND a main page that will have all the patterns and posts there together.  + I will send a reminder to your email that a new pattern has been posted.

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Please don't be scared and afraid of this.  I am not doing it to capture you—  this is the location where you can enter once and have all the goodies there, together. 

And as a second note– we are starting with A LOT of spaces open!!!  I would love to design the whole quilt for you, but it really isn't that fun. is it?  I love to see your talent and what you come up with. Please contact me to get yourself scheduled.  If you need some inspiration for rows– check out this post.

Now, with all that good stuff aside, let's get to the better stuff shall we?

Quick Bio–

Yup, that's me. Becky. Boss of the Patchwork Posse– the best online sewing workshop site there is!  {when it gets going again- today, thanks to you}  I have been a sewing maniac for over 10 years and quilting for others for the past year.  I am getting a bit cross and grumpy lately because the focus has been on the new home {we are painting this week. eeep} and it has not left me much time for blog reading, designing, sewing, chatting…you name it!   Which leads me to tell you I just finished the pattern this morning because I forgot the cable to the camera at the 'other' home.  Man, i hate living in 2 homes!

Site–   Blog– you are here already. weeee  Shop– here and here

Row #1:

Simple block– Butterflies! I chose some crazy stripe thinking that would be a good body. Re-thinking that, but leaving it. 🙂



 Each block is 6 1/2 X 6 1/2" and you will be making 9 of them.  Not too complicated it sewn as a strip peicing.  Quicker than one by one for sure!

my fabric selection—

for my giveaway– how about a nice little stack of 4" X 4"—32 of them:  REMEMBER to post a photo here to enter in the drawing!


You will get an email on the new post {if you register} or come back here on the dates or click on the sidebar round robin #3 button and it will take you to the main page. I have put the designers link to their own personal sites below- just in case you would like to check them out.

May 30th– First Row by Patchwork Posse- muah.

June 13th–

June 27th–  Carrie from Cricket Studio

July 11th

July 25th

August 8th

August 22

September 12th

September 26th– patchwork posse finish up!