Trunk Show Tuesday with the Color Wheel

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I went to quilt group a few weeks ago and they had a guest speaker come and show us how to use the Color Wheel for deciding on colors for quilts.  It was fantastic!! I couldn’t believe how much color affects the quilts and their outcome. No, like seriously it was crazy! After looking at the quilts and the fabrics and the combinations based on the color wheel….i have found that i am not really great at decisions! hee hee.   I find that my combinations are not found on the color wheel {not sure where they come from}.  My eyes like different things than others. I am re-thinking a few new quilts and inviting the color wheel to do a bit of consulting for me. 🙂

During the night, she let us help her pick colors that looked absolutely stunning together. I unfortunatly didn’t take any photos– she was a superb needle turn applique girl too!  man.

But I decided to give you a quick lesson and have a trunk show of color quilts which show off some of the combinations. Super fun!

In the making

First a quick lesson on what kind of color combinations you can get with the color wheel:

  Complementary Colors: Those colors located opposite each other on a color wheel.

Quilt by Karen Combs

 Analogous Colors: Those colors located close together on a color wheel.

I grabbed this info from this site. Wonderful simple explains with a few more combos.

For a great color wheel show– check out the Clever Quiler and her color wheel expanded post

and– if you click on the photos they will take you to their source. happy hopping!

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I would love to have you be featured and show off your Trunk Show!! contact Me. everyone is invited to share.

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