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Round Robin Row Quilt Border Row 8 with Patchwork Posse

Ok….. this quilt is turning out totally wonderful!!! I am sooo excited to share what I came up with for this row.  And, for some reason we skipped a pattern. Did anyone else notice that?  The patterns are usually going out every other monday…but there was a jump in dates. Sometimes I totally wonder where my brain is! I know, it's behind my eyes…..but clearly it wasn't on while looking at calendar dates.  Enough about the brain….let's get on with the totally cute row!

May Baskets


What do you think? love it like i do? oh yeah!  The handles haven't been totally attached– so they are still a bit floppy.

The May basket pattern is quite easy and you get a 2 fer!  So, piecing is relitivly quick. Give it a try–

and can I tell you a secret? I finished the center of the top!eeep. i know.

All of you who are a little hesitant of sewing with us because you don't trust the rows— let me tell you. No. Let me show you it always works out wonderfullly!

now, before all you smart girls point it out– yes, I changed the 'row' from horizontal to vertical.  It was wider than longer so it works out better this way.  And, yes, as you can see {because you are smart like that} I sneaked in an extra row– but it really wasn't It was the little triangles left from the Zig-zag row! I love extra goodies like that!  All I did was sew a second line and cut in the middle….one 1/2 triangle. one zig. Repeat for other side.

I also decided NOT to add a sashing in between each row. It is quite busy, but I sort of like it….so there. I will be adding I think- a red stop border and then an outer bigger border. You will find out on Sept. 22nd what it looks like.

Now for winners!!  So– who is the winner of the Workshop this month?  well– there wasn't any new photos!!! How can there be sooo many of us sewing along and noone posting any new photos?

I will hold onto this free workshop until next time and double it!! So– 2 free workshops {you choose the workshop}— but there has to be new photos!! Come on girls. Sew it up.

Now that you are seeing part of the finished quilt top are you ready to catch up?  I took saturday and few hours and look at what I got done-

{i know the door is sideways– didn't have time to change that. sorry}

See how cute and wonderful it is?!

Row 1 by patchworkposse

Row 2 by patchwork posse

Row 3 by Crickets Studio

Row 4 by Joy's Quilts

Row 5 by Patchwork Posse

Row 6– Robin from Robin Quilts

Row 7- Patchwork Posse

September 12th– today

September 26th– patchwork posse finish up!

See you all then to finish it up!

Marianne shared this photo of a past round robin she has done– isn't it great?

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