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How To Square Up Half Square Triangles – Video

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Learn how to square up your half square triangles. Not my favorite quilting task but it makes a big difference if you do it! Learn how with this video.

Today we will go over how to square up half square triangles.

This is not my favorite task to do for quilting.  Squaring up half square triangles.  blah. Really that’s how I feel.

For many years and many projects I ignored this step of squaring up.

I thought it didn’t matter and wouldn’t be a big deal to skip it.

Well- I was wrong.

After being told by many including my mother…. I have changed my ways and have found that squaring up your half square triangles is pretty important.

Like, really important.

Materials needed:

half square triangles

ironing board and iron

steady betty (this is the best thing for ironing half square triangles!)

spray starch

bloc loc or standard square quilt ruler

learn how to square up half square triangles - video too!

Quick Instructions for squaring up your blocks~

1- lay your half square triangles on your cutting mat- you will be using the lines on your ruler, not your mat!

2- using the lines on the ruler, line up one end of the ruler near the edge or the block.  You can use the 45′ angle on the ruler to help line up with the half square triangle as well.

*if you are using bloc loc- have that groove in the ruler lock into the diagonal seam. love this ruler!

3- trim two sides

4- turn the block and repeat with the other two sides

*even if you are trimming very little off the edges, this little bit does make a difference.  It takes the round out of the triangle– have you noticed that rounded edge before? So it does make a difference

*trimming those tiny points off helps with reducing the bulk when you are sewing these together.  Less in the corner seam the better!

5- take your blocks to your ironing board and iron away

*use spray starch (you can make your own here!)

Quick Tips Video – how to square up your half square triangles

Have any tips to share about squaring up?

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