Sewing Studio {Spring Clean- Organize Fabric}

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Last week for the Sewing Studio Spring Clean we talked about Thread.  This week our sewing room ideas– Organize fabric.

I am pretty sure that we are all kind of in the same boat together.  We LOVE fabric!  We love to touch it, sew it, cut it…and of course the best- store it!

There is fabric everywhere in the Sewing Studio!

Because fabric is so random– sometimes you collect it in groups, colorways, lines and sometimes you are like me and you just pick up whatever you think is ‘awesome’.   As you can see below, I collect whatever.  There is seriosly no rhyme or reason to my collection.

sewing studio spring clean patchwork posse

There are some wonderful tutorials out there on how to fold fabric for your sewing studio, and here too.   As you can see the collection I have on display is not folded any kind of special way. It is placed where it can fit.  I don’t color code here— I just grab, use, fold and stuff it where it can fit again.   I am far from being OCD with my fabric.  How about you? Are you a folder or a stuffer?

This shelf is for all the bigger kind of fabric pieces.  They are larger than a half yard.  The honey had to secure the shelf {or actually it’s a bakers rack} to the top of the wall because it was having a leaning issue.

I have another smaller shelf that I use to store fabric…but it is organized by projects.  They are in clear zipper top bags so I can see inside.  Sometimes there are collections of fabric there along with the pattern I would like to sew with it.

Drawers to organize your fabric in your Sewing Studio

This is where I keep the smaller than half yard pieces.  They are all color coded drawers.  I have matched up yellow and purple and pink and red {I obviously don’t purchase these very often, so thier colletion is a little smaller}

I did go back a little bit ago and re-folded all the fabric in there {mainly because they wouldn’t close anymore}.  That left a drawer empty– but I quickly filled it with solid colored fabric.  I also have one drawer full of lost blocks or UFO Quilt Blocks and another for wool {that will be changing because later you will see the wool bucket}.  I also have one drawer that is dedicated to weird fabric.

You know the kind- fire, bunnies, space ships, buttons….whatever is printed and doesn’t really fit into the realm of quilting fabric per say lives there together.

sewing studio spring clean patchwork posse

There are more drawers for fabric that aren’t shown….I think 4 more. So don’t think this is all!

I do love to store my fabric in these drawers.  They can easily contain little bits of fabric, you can decide how to organize each drawer, and when I move my room around and their order is off, I can still see in the front because they are clear what is inside.  They are also the locking or stacking drawers, so I can re-order them when ever I want easily.  And, let’s face it, they are big enough to hold a lot of fabric!  If your scraps are tiny- here is another great way to organize them.

Big Buckets to store fabric in your Sewing Studio

Let’s face it.  There comes a point in time when you have more fabric that you know what to do with!  There is seasonal fabric that you don’t need all the time out in the front shelf.  There are end bolts that you purchased because it was too good of a deal!  Now what?!  You put it in moster sized big buckets with lids!

sewing studio spring clean patchwork posse

As you can see- I went with the clear containers.  That way you can sort of peak through and see the contents.  Besides super big pieces of fabric, or supplies {yarn is in one bucket}, I store finished projects {can you spot the doll leg?}, and I have one that holds my Vintage Tablecloths collection.

Occasionally- ok. fine. all the time. I no longer can close the lid. Usually though it’s because it is a bucket that I use often.  The larger buckets I keep under my cutting table have no lids.  They contain the felt and fleece and batting bits that I usually am useing for the projects that I am working on all the time. It became a pain to open the lid. Now, they are open…I slide them out, grab what i need and continue working.  They are literally right at my finger tips. I love them there.

sewing studio spring clean patchwork posse

How do you keep your fabric organized in your Sewing Studio?

What method works best for you?

I forgot to mention that I have one extra large clear bag { a bed in a bag from the store bag} full of little bits. This is how I keep my smaller scraps.  It is a mess and right now is brimming to the top! I am thinking it might be time to drag it out and actually start using it!


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