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Hi everyone!  This month Spring is finally arriving and after a few long days in my sewing studio – The Sewing Cottage, I have decided that it would be a lot of fun to show some sewing room ideas – tips, tricks, hints and how to’s on Spring Cleaning your own Sewing Studio.  Now, whether you have a studio, or room, or nook, or a dining table there will be something for you to use.  I am sure that you have collected a few sewing notiongs, fabric, thread and maybe even sewing machines!  Everything about this hobby is addicting!

I am not the most organized person in the sewing community– far from it!  But I do try to keep my studio picked up and have some ideas or ways that I do things that might help you out.

Every Wednesday during April there will be a new post on Spring Cleaning your Sewing Studio.  I would love to see a few shots of your sewing studio and how you are cleaning up your space.

Even if you space looks like mine did at the beginning!  I sure wish I had a photo of everything spread out on the lawn…… you have to purge before you can fit them back in. Right?

sewing studio

I am thinking that by the responce on facebook page that everyone can relate to it!

How to Organize Thread in Your Sewing Studio

This week we will be working on THREAD!!! I am really quiet glad that thread comes in smaller packages than other notions and fabric.  I have a lot of it, and it does take up a bit of space around here.

Depending on what your collection is- dmc floss, sewing machine thread, or fancy thread- metalic, clear, fuzzy….. this will determine how you will store them.

Most recently I decided to use the things I had and hang my thread or display them, on the wall.  It sure it nice and keeps them out of the way.

sewing studio thread organizer patchwork posse

However, I still have a nice little over flow collection of thread in baskets.  These are threads that are multiples of ones I already have out really.  I hit a thrift store that had all of these for around 50 cents each.  Couldn’t pass them up, but couldn’t store them on the wall either. So, they hang out all together in a basket.

sewing studio thread patchwork posse

For the smaller machine threads hanging about I stuff them into drawers.  There is a mish mash of a collection in the sewing studio- size, color, style, thickness.  I even have some wood spools in there.  I can usually find something in there that matches what I need for a certain project.  I do find that a few of them don’t have much thread left on them…..not very useful anymore, but I just can’t seem to toss them.  You never know!

sewing studio thread patchwork posse

Sometimes the threads get out of control and seriously the only way to get them back, is to put them into a ziploc baggie.  Nothing in the world will touch them and tangle them more than they already are.  They just sit all stuffed together waiting for their time to be used.  Plus, the clear bag lets you see what you really have inside. oops- looks like there are a few that have escaped!

sewing studio thread patchwork posse

I am not that big into color organizing them.  I just kind of toss them up and out of the way.  I also have a collection of DMC thread that has been de-packaged and then wound on a thread keeper of some sort.

sewing studio thread patchwork posse

I obviosly need to sit down one night and wind a bunch of those ziploced threads and place them in the portable container.  There is space for them now!

Now, what about those bobbins! Do you curse these as much as I do?  I have this handy little case that I really do love, however…..see the thread tails?!  They seem to jump out when anything remotely comes close to them.  They are always tangling up amongst themselves.  I have a few that I use all the time hanging on the wall thread organizer…but their tails are constantly growing too!

sewing studio thread patchwork posse

How do you get these thread tails under control?!  Someone had mentioned bobbin tamers…..and I love them. I love them the most when I use them too.  The idea is to wrap a hair pony around the bobbin trapping the thread ends so they don’t grab onto everything they touch.

bobbin tamers

So– how do you keep your thread organized in your sewing studio?  Do you have a different method than me? Leave a note in the comment and tell me-


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