Piecing Quilt Batting {from little bits to a big piece}

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I have this here pile or should I say box really, that sits under my work desk in the sewing cottage that is full….and I mean full to the brim of little bits of batting.   I use them for smaller projects, or hand embroidery, but at some point they get out of control.

My box is full of all the leftovers that get cut off from the larger piece.  Some are super long and skinny, some are square and chunky.  None of them really go together size wise.  What to do with all these little bits of batting pieces?  How about sew them together and make one large piece that you can actually do something with.




batting for quilts

Super simple, but it works great.

The little bits that I sew together I match up in thickness when sewing them together.  That will make your quilt a little more even and not fluffy fat in one spot and flat in the other.  I don’t worry too much about content- poly or cotton, but that would make a difference if they weren’t prewashed as they react to water differently and shrink at a different rate too.

Just a quick fyi– don’t use colored thread!  I used this method one time using red thread {because I was super lazy and didn’t change it} and wouldn’t you know that the quilt I used the quilt batting in had big spaces of white fabric, and you guessed it, the red thread showed through. tragic.

So, keep with the same color of thread that the batting is.  It will save you bunches of headaches later. {no, i didn’t unpick the quilting. It occasionally shows itself if you look for it}.

Now that you have your batting all ready, how about picking up a quilt to sew.  Check out the shop- there’s even a new one- Garden Path.

What do you do with your little bits of batting?

Have you found a method of piecing your batting?  I’d love to hear about it.


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