Embroidery Designs for Wool Applique- Wool Challenge

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For the wool challenge, I wanted to share some embroidery designs for wool applique. Since there is a lot of embroidery work on the wool rug pattern I thought it might be helpful to have some resources to help you figure it out.

The basic stitches are really super easy.  The most common i think used when stitching on wool applique is the button hole or blanket stitch.

basic stitches | Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials

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Besides the stitch you can also make additional variations with the thread– use more than 2 threads to make it heavier looking and stand more out.

You can also change colors, or sew with 2 threads of one color and 2 threads of another…kind of a mix and match.

Some of the stitches you can do some of the stitches in one color and then go back and add another stitch on top with a different color of thread.

Embroidery resources: embroidery, needle and thread, victorian embroidery, quilt papers,

Take a look at some utterly fantastic finished crazy quilt stitches

Crazy Quilt embroidery stitches

resources: fiber fantasies, caricol creations, hey now, craftser





Do you have a favorite stitch for embroidery with wool applique?

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