Over 30 tutorials for Summer Skirts for Girls. Easy Elastic Waist Skirts / patchwork posse #tutorial #summer
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30+ Elastic Waist Skirt Tutorials {little girl summer skirts}

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A simple elastic waist skirt is one of the easiest things you can make for summer time.  With summer in full swing I thought that having a few tutorials on hand so I can quickly sew up a skirt for any occasion {even if its for just hanging our or riding scooters}.

Really, the girls skirt pattern are great for any season.  If the weather is a bit chilly, layer them with some super cute leggings or tights to keep your legs warm.

The following links are all elastic waist skirt tutorials.  They are for the younger girl crowd, and are simple and great for the beginner sewer.  There are  a few with ruffles, flowers, layers, tiers….whatever the embellishment be, they are easy and will sew up quick.

Because of the elastic waist you can make quick adjustments to the size {depending on the little girl wearing it}, making them great for all shapes and sizes.

Just in case– here’s some elastic for the cute skirts you’ll be sewing up!

Over 30 elastic waist girl skit patterns! Super simple to sew and great for any kind of weather. I really like the patchwork one or the one with ruffles!

Keeping it simple and cute is a must for summer skirts-  they will get used, a lot.  They will get washed, a lot.  Which is just what we want.  Along with all of that it would be nice to have something that is adorable too.

I find that paring the summer skirt with a tank top or layered shirt is the perfect way to wear them.  Mix and match the top with co-ordinating colors you find in the skirt, or go for big contrast.Over 30 tutorials for Summer Skirts for Girls. Easy Elastic Waist Skirts / patchwork posse #tutorial #summer

30 Elastic Waist Skirt for Girls~



Looking to fancy up your skirt now that it is all sewn?

how to add applique to your skirt

end bum crack elastic in waist tutorial patchwork posse - such a simple way to make the waist fit your body!

Do you have another favorite tutorial that should be up here and I have missed it? Add it in the comments so I can update the list.
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    great round up of easy to sew skirts for girls. Lots of great options!

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    Nice tutorial! I have been trying for the past three days to sew an elastic to a skirt of a open back dress I’m doing for my 8month old daughter. For some reason I can’t make it right, the elastic and the fabric doesn’t shrink. Your tutorial looks pretty easy, I might change the whole patron to do a different dress. But I would love to learn how to add an elastic only to the back of a skirt.

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