• Zipper Pouch Tutorial using the quilt as you go techinque | patchwork posse #freepattern #zipperpouch #quiltasyougo
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    Quilt As You Go Zipper Pouch Tutorial

    Learn the quilt as you go method while sewing up a zipper pouch. Super cute and useful for packing around a sewing project, snacks or whatever. A Zipper pouch comes in so handy…especially during the summer time.  I find myself in the car a lot. Having this little pouch around, I can stuff it with a sewing project, a snack,…

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    DIY Basketball Jersey with the Cricket Maker

    Learn how to DIY basketball jersey with the Cricut Maker Video tutorial.  I’ll walk you through the steps so your jerseys come out great and everyone will be happy. I had an opportunity to make the basketball jersey shirts for my two boys for their team they put together this past year.  It was a rec-team, so nothing terribly fancy. …

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    Pick a Quilt Weekend

    No more teases and hints– it’s here and you are invited! This pick a quilt weekend is going to be such a fun weekend. Full of sewing and giveaways and of course you! I’ve gathered a few patterns that you can pick from and join us for a weekend of sewing.  Our goal is to have a finished quilt top…

  • Learn how to sew a pillowcase! The two methods you'll find are the burrito roll pillowcase and the pillowcase with a cuff.  
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    How to Sew a Pillowcase – two methods!

    Learn how to sew a pillowcase! The two methods you’ll find are the burrito roll pillowcase and the pillowcase with a cuff.   I use pillowcases as presents — they are perfect for friends gifts, house warming gifts, Christmas gifts, birthday…you name it!  You can actually sew up a bunch and have them on hand for when you need them.   The…

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    Quick and Easy Hot Pad Tutorial

    This quick and easy hot pad tutorial is great for using those leftover scraps from other projects. Make something useful out of leftovers! The other day I decided to use up a few scraps from the scrap bin….well bag really.  It’s getting a little out of control and I thought it would be a fun idea to make it a…

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    Fidget Quilts

    Fidget quilts are used for Alzheimer, dementia, and even little kids who need something to do with their hands.  This fidget quilt tutorial will get you started.  What is a fidget quilt?   It really doesn’t have to be a ‘quilt’ but the idea is: giving the fingers and hands something to do.  These are great for little kids, or…