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An online group for quilters who are looking to meet incredible designers, sew beautiful quilts, connect with other quilters and have fun sewing.

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Hey There, I’m Becky!

I am a 2nd generation quilter. My hands have always been busy and I love to touch all the fabric. Starting with X stitch and embroidery when I was eight to finding quilting with my first child. I found that quilting was good for my soul.

I am not the most perfect quilter, and have many blocks without points and spinning the wrong direction.  But for me it is not about perfection, but the process, the learning and experimenting.

Quilting tends to be a forever journey and keeping up with tips, techniques and others is always growing – the need for having a resource I can use and add to is something I needed and have enjoyed building.

This is where I share free quilting tutorials, fun projects and behind the scenes of the Patchwork Planner and my online quilt group, the International Association of Quilters.

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