Car Trash Bag Pattern

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If your car is anything like mine….full of kids, snacks, kids, trash, kids, water bottles, then this is for you!  I have a loaded extra large vehicle that not only houses the kids on running here and there but it collects a lot of little trash pieces and bits.

car trash bag tutorial | patchworkposse #quilt #freepattern

This trash bag features a squared bottom…so it will fit a lot of trash!  Also has a loop that can hook around something and hang.

Materials Needed:

pinking shears

oil cloth or vinyl fabric—

outside- 1)  22″ X 12″

lining-  1)  23″ X 12″

strap-  2)  1″ X 10″

rick rack

Car Trash Bag Tutorial~

1)  Sew the ends of the outside oilcloth so it is a tube

2)  Fold the tube in half, lining the seam up in the center


3)  Box the corners of the bag– measure 2″ from the corner point to the inside of the bag.


4)  Repeat these steps with the lining

5)  Cut the lining with pinking shears across the top

6)  Stuff the lining inside the outside piece- match up the side seams and pin if needed- wrong sides facing.


7)  Fold the lining over to the front of the bag and sew in place


8)  Lay the straps wrong sides facing

9)  Sew the sides and then trim with pinking shears


10)  Pin the strap in place and sew to secure


11)  Sew the ric rac to the outside of the bag, folding the edges under to hide raw edge


12)  Hang in your car and use.  The strap can loop over a seat belt fastener

car trash bag tutorial | patchworkposse #quilt #freepattern

The beauty of the bag is the fabric it’s sewn in.  It is an oilcloth– or you can use laminated fabric.  It will hold up to a lot of abuse and can be wiped down when things get a little sticky.

Besides the trash, I’m thinking this would make a great car travel sewing project bag.


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