Christmas gift bag and printable - Do not open before Christmas
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Don’t Open Till Christmas – Gift Bag Tutorial and Printable

So- I have to admit something.  I’m not the best at decorating and going all out for holidays.  I do enjoy them, but there is always a few years that things just don’t work out.  It’s not because I’m ill prepared.  Wrong.  I have the gifts, I have the list.  I checked it twice.  I surely know who’s naughty or nice.  But– I just don’t get into full out home decoration.

This year I was thinking it was going to be a big different, but sadly no.  We moved.  And then we found a large amount of problems in the new home- in the basement.  So the house is still in boxes in the garage. Yeah.  Not really much we can do about it.

So this year I thought I’d do something a little different.  I’m just going to stuff as much of their stuff (pre wrapped) into these Santa Sacks.

Christmas gift bag and printable - Do not open before Christmas

My kids are old enough to kind of ‘get it’.  The youngest just turned 12 and she is on her last year probably.  So in the future I will use these as torture bags and place them out early and pack them so they will go crazy trying to figure out what’s inside.  Isn’t parenthood grand?

You can choose to use these for under the tree….early arrivals….or whatever.  They will last a fairly long time and you can choose to customize it with a name or not.  I chose to put their names on it because I didn’t need someone opening the wrong sack and then all chaos would ensue.

Materials Needed:

1 yard of muslin or fabric for each bag

60″ rope or yarn for the tie

Transfer Magic – found here or at your local craft store

Don’t open till Christmas printable Download    Get the password for the library including this free pattern!

Santa Sack Tutorial~

  1. Fold the fabric in half- selvage sides will line up
  2. Sew around 1 side and the bottom – the 2nd side is the fold
  3. Hem the top- turn the top edge down 1 1/2″ and sew in place

hem the top of the bag

4.  Turn the bag right sides out

5.  Snip a few threads at the seam to make an opening for the yarn or rope tie

hem at the top of the bag

6.  Pull the yarn or rope through the hem

Do Not Open Before Christmas Santa Sack Tutorial~

  1. Print off the templates from here :  Santa Sack Printable  (it’s already mirrored for you!)- see link above to download
  2. Follow the instructions for printing on the package for the best results
  3. Cut out the pieces

cut out around the shapes

4.   Place on your bag and iron (use your instructions on package for best results)

iron to the fabric

5.  Peal the paper off when cooled

north pole post office printable

6.  Customize the bag with a name!  Super simple to do.  Follow these instructions:  Customized Name Printables

do not open before christmas bag tutorial

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