Top 10 Sewing Supplies You Can’t Live Without!

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I am not one to have a lot of fancy things in my sewing cottage. I might be intrigued with a new gadget, but really- I try to keep it simple.
Unless I seriously need it more than once, I don’t buy the newest ruler out there or the best scissors, or other notions that pop up on the market.
Though I feel that way, I also feel like there are a few things that are truly a must have. These are the go to notions and supplies that really help your sewing / quilting be successful.
With out them….I’m not sure what I’d do!

There are a few new ones who have joined the list recently- like the binding clips and my iron.  I’ve used them for a bit now and have decided they are to join the others in must have’s around here.

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate or somewhere in between of advanced, having a few awesome sewing supplies at your fingertips is sooo nice!  You don’t need to collect more than one (unless you have a habit of missing them because you’re a messy sewer like me!).  A few might be a bit pricey, but in the end– it will be so worth it!

my favorite sewing supplies- there are 10

Top 10 Sewing Supplies~

The tool bag that carries it all is the Craftsman.  Lots of pockets and it holds it shape. Great for any kind of supplies and kits!

  1. rotary cutter.  Doesn’t matter the size– I totally am in love with my mini one (size is 45mm)  Give a few a try before committing.  You never know what your favorite will be!  Here are the sizes to choose from:
  2. cutting mat.  There are two that I use.  One larger one that covers most of my work table and another smaller one that I can use next to my machine or take to sewing days with friends. You’ll notice that after a while of using it, it will start to gather a bunch of threads and lint.  Clean your mat often to help it last longer and your cutting experience on it will be better too.  Here are the sizes to choose from:
  3. scissors.  My favorite brand is gingher, but I do have a pair of Wiess that I picked up at a yard sale and they are my all time favorite.  Not ready to commit to an expensive pair (you’ll love them when you do!) I would go for new…and sharp!  Those are the best combinations and make your cutting experience so much nicer.
  4. pins.  These can sometimes make or break your projects.  If they are dull, they will snag your fabric.  Keep enough on hand so when you accidentally run them over with your sewing machine you have a replacement. 🙂  My favorite right now are the flower heads- they sit flat against your fabric and are a little thicker so they can handle multiple layers of fabric with out bending.  The heads are huge though and get in the way a lot….especially in the way of the needle.  However, with that large of a head, they are easy to see and avoid!
  5. needles.  Anything sharp is the best!  Get to know your numbers on the needles though and understand there is a difference between the ball head which you use for knit fabrics and a sharp needle for cotton.  This makes a big difference when you are sewing.  You’ll notice it!  So, use the needle for the job and always, always make sure they are sharp.  If you find you are having problems with your machine skipping stitches, tension going bonkers, things like that- check or change your needle.  It really does affect all of those things!
  6. sewing machine.  Make a list of what your sewing needs are before heading to the store.  That way you’ll be getting exactly what you need + I’m sure a few extra bells and whistles.  After you pick out your machine, you do need to store it properly.  A sewing machine cover is perfect for keeping the dust and bits and little fingers from touching the parts.
  7. binding clips.  you can use them for other things too!
  8. mechanical pencil.  This might seem a little funny or even out of place, but I really do love the mechanical pencil.  It always stays sharp.  You can use it to make marks on fabric, draw out designs, copy templates…you name it.
  9. rulers.  any size. my favorite is– also the square ones help with squaring up fabric….but I use the bloc loc for that.
  10. pincushions.   Find out what’s inside your pin cushion too– that will make a difference in your pins.
  11. irons.  I’ve had quite a few brands in the last few years…Rowenta, White…but the one that I really have been enjoying is the Oliso Iron.  It’s super hot, has a few fun options- one being the feet that move up and down.

Now that you have your favorite notions all rounded up…it’s time to put them into something!  How about tossing them into the best tool tote around for your sewing supplies.

travel sewing bucket

back to school supplies for your sewing studio / #backtoschool #sewingstudio


What’s your favorite supplies you keep? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

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