How to Clean Fuzzy off of your Rotary Cutting Mat

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When you are in the groove of sewing and just cutting, sewing, cutting, sewing….you will find that all of a sudden your rotary cutting mat is full of lint!  This happens all the time to me.  I speed up the process a lot becuase I am constantly cutting batting, felt, or fleece on my mat too.

Cleaning your rotary cutting mat |

Does your rotary cutter look like this?

How does this happen?  When you are cutting with a blade it runs along the fabric…cutting the fabric and the mat.  The little bits of fabric get caught in between the mat cuts and when the mat ‘remembers’ where it was supposed to be, it traps the little bits inbetween.

It’s hard to cut over the areas that have a bunch of lint in them.  It makes you skip parts when you cut and pushes that lint in further into the mat.

Let’s try and fix that today shall we?!

Removing the fuzzy lint:

Take an eraser and rub it all over the mat, catching the parts wehre you have the most lint.  I found that I had to clean off the eraser all the time to remove the bundles of lint so it could work again.

You can also use a dish scrubber {the plastic ones}  You don’t want to use anything to agressive or sharp on the mat.  It can damage it.

I kept rubbing and erasing, and rubbing some more.

I also got a cloth damp with some warmish watter {not hot} and scrubbed it some more.  Lots of elbow greese going on.

There is still a bit of link stuck in the mat, but it is A LOT better! I can see the mat again and tell where the lines are and actually line up the ruler again.

Sometimes I wonder why I wait so long to do things like this…..

Cleaning your rotary cutter mat |

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Do you have a trick to cleaning your rotary mat? I’d love to hear it!

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