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Denim Zipper Clutch Tutorial

This denim clutch is perfect for those times when you need to carry around a few things, but don’t want to lug around a large purse.  You can toss your keys, phone and wallet and be on your way.

The front of the clutch shows off the fun colored denim in folded pleats.  It’s not that complicated and a great way to add some interested to your bags or pouches.

denim clutch tutorial

Materials Needed:

HeatnBond® Fusible Fleece– 2 pieces 6 1/2 X 11 1/2

12 Zipper

front & back denim: 6 1/2 X 11 1/2

lining: 6 1/2 X 11 1/2

pocket- 6 1/2 X 11 1/2

colored denim strips: 2 1/2 X 13 in each color you’d like to use

top of the bag you can choose the outside denim or a different color: 5 X 12

*the bag in the image shows another blue strip across the top. I added a little pocket, but it seriously isn’t deep enough to do anything with and kind of useless, so I omitted it from the tutorial*

denim clutch how to

Denim Clutch Instructions:

Iron the front and back pieces to the fusible fleece before you start.  You will be stitching the colored denim strips to secure the outside piece to the fusible fleece.  This will give the bag more structure.

1)  Place the first folded strip and pin to secure- you can play with the angle of the strip or just go straight across, you decide.  Sew across the top (the raw edge folded edge will be at the bottom)

measure and pin

2)  Place the second folded strip on top of the first one.  Make sure the stitching isn’t exposed.  Sew across the top to secure.

place next fold and sew

3)  Repeat until you are happy with your front

folded strips on denim clutch

4)  To cover the last seam, use a large piece of the front (or whatever color you’d like) and sew it to the top.  Fold over and iron

last piece

5)  Trim the front to the correct size

trim the bag front

6)  Cut one piece 2 1/2 X  3  Fold in half and iron.  Open the fold and then fold the outside to meet in the middle.  The crease from earlier will help to line them up.  Iron well.  Sew along both sides

folded zipper tag

7)  Fold the pocket in half and iron

8)  Pin in place and sew to secure sections in the pocket

add a pocket to lining

9)  Layer the pieces to sew the zipper in place:  front piece, small zipper tag, zipper, lining. Pin to secure and stitch in place

layer for zipper

10)  Repeat with the other side of the zipper: lining on back, zipper, zipper tag, front.  Pin to secure and stitch in place

second sewing of zipper

10)  Open the pieces up and line up the lining with the lining and the outside denim with the outside denim

open and realign pieces

11)  Sew all the way around- leaving a three in hole for turning in the lining along the bottom

leave turning opening

12)  Snip the corners, turn right sides out.  Sew the opening closed and stuff inside the bag.

Load up your denim clutch with your goodies and you are set to go!

load and go clutch

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