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20 Sewing Machine Covers

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Whether you have the best sewing machine or the worst sewing machine, they all should have a cover.  Dust and bugs and who know what else could hit your machine and goo it all up.  A sewing machine cover is something you can sew up yourself.  You can even customize it to the size of your machine, add pockets, quilt it or just make it plain and simple.

sewing machine cover tutorials

Most sewing machines come with a plastic cover, which is great– but it isn’t so pretty.  This collection of free patterns are all cloth + one laminated fabric.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite free sewing machine cover tutorials.  There is quite a variety of style and look.  Which one is your favorite?

20 Sewing Machine Covers

sewing machine cover pattern / patchwork possemachinecover1
quilted sewing machine cover edit2full_408_130098_StitchMeSewingMachineCoverApplique_1
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super-easy-sewing-machine-cover machine cover tute 13
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 no-sew-cover-for-sewing-machine-iheartnaptime-5cv_thumb sewing machine cover
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 smc3 dsc_0912

Looking for a new sewing machine?  Here is a quick sewing machine buying check off list that will help you get what you’re looking for!

Here is my newest and favorite sewing machine right now!  It’s a Brother Sewing Machine.

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  1. Reyse Marcus

    the designs and the patterns of your sewing machine covers are really great. this is so beautiful and i wanna make one of them by myself. its really nice. thanks for the blog and providing such beautiful patterns. which fabric you use for it?

  2. Sophia Dato Hamid

    I really love the sewing machine covers!

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