Spring blossoms quilt tutorial | patchwork posse #yoyo #quiltblock
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Spring Blossoms Small Quilt Tutorial

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Sew up a small quilt using two quilt blocks and yo yo’s. Simple and easy sewing project for Spring. Double Irish Chain Quilt Block tutorial included.

The Spring blossoms are out and they are the inspiration to this super quick and easy small wallhanging or table quilt.

Everything is in bloom now– the tulips, the trees…..I love walking by the blossoms on the trees.  They smell so yummy!

After digging around in the Sewing Cottage, I found that I had made the double irish chain quilt block out of some super spring-like fabric.  It was a perfect fit for making into a small quilt!

Spring Blossoms Small Quilt Tutorial

Spring blossoms quilt tutorial | patchwork posse #yoyo #quiltblock

finished size: 21″ X 21″

Materials Needed:

1 quilt block– Double Irish Chain

Fabric scraps- yo yo’s

yo yo templates

heat n bond lite

Spring blossoms quilt tutorial | patchwork posse #yoyo #quiltblock

Spring Blossoms Quilt Tutorial:

1)  Double Irish Chain Quilt Block.  If you don’t have one, you will find the whole tutorial here.  It will make the quilt block 21″ X 21″ .It’s kind of a large quilt block!

2)  Print and cut out your yo yo templates

3)  Follow this tutorial on making your yo yo’s.  You can pick your size of template that you’d like to use.


4)  Cut 2 baskets 3″ X 4″ with fusible heat n bond lite on the back.  I cut mine with pinking shears and then sewed them 1/8″ from the edge onto the quilt.  You can choose to straight cut with a zig zag or whatever you’d like.  Fuse baskets in place

5)  Sew your yo yo’s in place.  Here is a great tutorial to help you sew them down.

6)  Using a chain stitch, sew 3 stems and straight leaves for the  yo yo blossoms.  Not sure what that stitch is? Follow these simple chain stitch instructions.  I like this stitch on quilts because it’s a bit thicker.  It stands out a little bit more than a running stitch.  Use more than 2 strands of thread also.

7)  Cut out your back fabric and batting just larger than your quilt top

8)  Quilt the top- I did a simple cross hatch design.  Kept it simple.


9)  Bind your quilt.  I rolled the backside to the front.Spring blossoms quilt tutorial | patchwork posse #yoyo #quiltblock

I love the fact that I can make a whole small quilt with a quilt block!  Not being forced into something larger or more complicated, this is a great way to transition a quilt block into something finished.

Spring blossoms quilt tutorial | patchwork posse #yoyo #quiltblock

If you don’t have or want to sew a double irish chain quilt block,  find 2 quilt blocks that have enough background or solid space in them so you have a place for your basket and blossoms.  Pair them up with 2 other busier quilt blocks, and you are ready to go!

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  1. Joan

    Lovely quilt! So bright and cheery! Thanks for sharing.

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