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12+ Free Irish Chain Quilt Patterns

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Free Irish Chain Quilt Patterns – Find inspiration & tutorials to make your own irish chain quilt. Great for any level of quilter,scraps and quick quilts!

The irish chain was really one of the first quilts that I had made when I started quilting.

It’s a simple block, but has a complicated look about it! It’s all squares and depending on the method used for the piecing, these can be strip pieced. Strip piecing will save a lot of time!

I’ve seen a irish chain quilts in rainbow layouts, scrappy layouts (it uses a lot of scraps!) or fabric line layouts.  All of these are perfect for the irish chain.  

There is also a double irish chain – which is super cute as well, but a little more work. Not much though. 🙂

Irish Chain Quilt Supplies:


FABRIC: pick it up at Connecting threads or Fat Quarter Shop

Supplies you may need:

Double Irish Chain Quilt Block Tutorial

Single Irish Chain Quilt Block Tutorial

Irish Chain Quilt Tutorials:

Spring blossoms quilt tutorial | patchwork posse #yoyo #quiltblock

Spring Blossoms Quilt 

This is a scrappy version of the irish chain quilt. Love the mix of bright colors!

Scrappy Irish Chain Pattern

This one is a fun one because of the dark background! Would work great for a boys quilt as well.

Old Red Barn Irish Quilt

This is a single Irish chain quilt – the idea of only using two colors is fun!

Single irish chain quilt

This Irish Chain is done using jelly roll strips. Would be a great one to swap fabrics for!

jelly roll irish chain quilt

Triple Scrappy Irish Chain

These blocks and quilt top were all sewn in between stitching another quilt. It’s almost like a few quilt!

Leaders and enders Irish Quilt

You can mix a few colors into the quilt— but still have control over them.

Great placement of the yellow and blue.

Yellow and blue chain quilt

It’s amazing what happens when you fiddle with the 9 patch block, all of those white squares are part of it!

You sew the 9 patch of the Irish chain with 5 white or background fabrics.

Single Chain Irish

The Triple Treat Irish quilt.  Darker background again….and scrappy!

Triple Treat Irish Chain Quilt Tutorial

This one is a more modern take on it. The placement of the colors and background- such a different look to the traditional!

All grown up quilt tutorial

This version adds a half square triangle to the mix. It brings on a whole new look!

Playful Irish Chain 

This one also plays with the center block–it’s a snowball quilt block. Looks like a circle!

Bonnie rose Quilt Tutorial

Irish flower – great use of the center of the chain!

Irish flower Quilt 

Not a full tutorial, but just using it to show off how you can put your favorites or memories in the large spaces.

Favorites Quilt

My other favorite kind of quilts are ones with stars!  Here are some fun star quilt tutorials:

FREE star quilt tutorials | patchwork posse | easy sewing projects and free quilt tutorials

Have you made an Irish Chain quilt before? Do you have a favorite layout or pattern design? Share it in the comments!

3 thoughts on “12+ Free Irish Chain Quilt Patterns

  1. Vivian B.

    I love Irish Chain quilts and liked the Bonnie Rose quilt for featuring large scale fabrics. Although the original link posted is no longer at the Riley Blake website, anyone interested in that quilt can see the designers tutorial here:

  2. susan

    want to make a family tree quilt with a Irish chain border( about 20inches wide )would this look terrible or do you think it would be a good idea

  3. Becky

    you can draw it out on graph paper to give a preview!

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