fabric yo yo tutorial with printable templates | patchwork posse #fabricyoyo #freepattern
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How to Make a Fabric Yo Yo

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A fabric yo yo is one of the must do’s on the list of quilting.   It is a classic.  They can be used to embellish really anyting.

What’s kind of fun is that they can be made into whatever size you want!  The basic how to remains the same, but the size will depend on the circle you start with.

fabric yo yo tutorial with printable templates | patchwork posse #fabricyoyo #freepattern

Fabric Yo Yo Templates~

There are some sizes that are the go-to size when it comes to yo yo’s.   This printable template includes:  3 inch, 2 inch, 1 1/2 inch and 1 inch.   This is the FINISHED SIZE!!!

When sewing yo yo’s, the template will need to be a bit over double the finished size.

Included with the template is the whole tutorial with images on how to make them….just in case you’d like it in pdf form.

patchwork posse tutorial download

fabric yo yo tutorial with printable templates | patchwork posse #yoyo #freepattern

Fabric Yo Yo Tutorial~

Print off templates and cut out.  Lay on wrong side of fabric, pin and cut out fabric.

1)  Taking a needle and thread {with a knot at the end} start a running stitch.  Fold over that outside edge to the inside about a 1/4″ and then do the stitching. This will hide the raw edge inside the yo-yo perfectly. Continue stitching all the way around the circle.

2) Pull the thread tight cinching up the center.

3) Cinch the center tight and take the thread to the back. Stitch a few times {it won’t show} and tie a knot.   

*If you don’t want the thread to show on the backside, hide the knot inside the yo yo.

4) Fiddle with the shape until the hole is centered and all the edges are pushed out.

fabric yo yo tutorial with printable templates | patchwork posse #fabricyoyo #freepattern

If you have a bunch of them all sewn up….. here’s a quick how to– applique yo yo’s.


Now that you have your Fabric Yo Yo all sewn up….how about making a few mongo ones for a yo yo pillow project!

spring yoyo flower pillow pattern and tutorial| patchwork posse #yoyo #easysewingprojects

What size of yo yo is your favorite?  What kind of projects do you have with them?


5 thoughts on “How to Make a Fabric Yo Yo

  1. Ren

    This is a great tute! I’d love to see you join us at the Inspire Us Thursdays link party on http://www.theinspiredwren.com.

  2. Skye LoVecchio

    i’m working on a yoyo quilt, dozens and dozens of the things, all sewn, and sewn together by hand! eventually my colourful squares will get sewn together with white boarders but i’ve only got half a dozen so far (5×5. yo yos are finished size about an inch) https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_akRpcoprlAT0FEM0ZFNkw0c2s&usp=sharing

  3. Tamyra Gates

    My grandma made throw pillows with these while I was growing up. We lost her in December ’16 at 101 years.

  4. charlotte

    they are beautiful ,but how is there a hole in the back?

  5. Becky

    when you pull the threads they all meet in the center- leaving a hole. the edges of the fabric are turned under and not raw, so it looks finished.

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