the Round Robin Edition 5- For the Love of it

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Let’s talk about love.
Of course because it’s Valentines Day next month!

I hope you are having a great start so far….and you can squeeze some love me some sewing time a little later on.

For the most party you are always sewing ahead, right?

Ahead of the next holiday. Ahead of the next celebration.

But, sometimes that just doesn’t work out.

If you are in the majority of being a little just in time or ‘prepared’ for next year, these are for you…and me!

in the sewing room….

This past week I have been busy, busy sewing up a bunch of last minute blocks and working on the final top of the Sampler of 2018.  (reveal coming soon!)
I was finding that keeping the pieces all together was a struggle and then I reminded myself to use something to transport them.

You know how it goes – from the cutting table to the sewing table, things get all jumbled and blow away!
The best thing I have found is the Steady Betty.  It’s kind of spongie, so the fabric stays in place.

Best. Thing. Ever.

You can find one here if you are interested in it.


Along with the transportation of pieces, the Steady Betty works great for ironing half square triangles or other blocks that you don’t want to get all stretched out because of the bias side.

The spongie part (it’s double sided!) keeps the fabric in place and doesn’t allow it to scoot. Ever.

Plus, they also make other things– little stoppers for your rulers so they don’t scoot, and more.

You’ll have to check them out!

valentine heart pillows tutorial / patchwork posse

sew it….

Keep your hands toasty with these heart hand warmers (there is still snow around here, these are so handy to have still!)
Fingerless gloves with an arrow applique
Heart pins- you can practice a little bit of thread drawing with these!
Heart pillows – these are small and you can use your fabric scraps and add doilies, ribbons or other fun stuff to them as well.
Large Heart pillow – this is bolster shaped, but you can make it any shape you’d like.

something fun…

The Zippy baby quilt – featuring a flower the you make using hearts!  Click here to read more…

Heart quilt blocks— so cute and really they would be fun any time of year.  Click here to read more….

Grab the stash of quilt squares and sew up this extra large heart.  Click here to read more…

This fun twist on the heart– you’ll love it! It is all made with triangle pieces–  Click here to read more…

Hearts and chevrons- quilt top. Sew them in rows.

Click here to read more…

quilty chit chat…

There have been a few fun projects posted in the Quilting 101 fb group.

The Three’s Company was just started this last week…and the blocks have been flying in! Have you sewn yours yet?

Join the group for free here.

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