Picnic Pack Free Tutorial

This little set is a great one.  If you have a little one who loves to have outdoor picnics, or tea parties with plushies and dolls…this is for you!

The tutorial includes instructions for making your own picnic cinch backpack, a set of napkins and the cloth to sit on.

Everything fits perfectly inside the cinch backpack and is easy to customize the strap size.

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Cinch Backpack for Picnics and Tea Parties


Hem all 4 sides

1)  Fold side over 1/4″

2)  Fold side over again 1/4″

3)  Sew along the bottom of the fold

4)  Repeat until all 4 sides are hemmed nicely.

Corner help:

*keeping the needle in the down position-

1)  Fold the corner up and hold in place

2)  Fold the bottom edge up and hold


Sew 1/2″ from edge on all 4 sides

Pull the strings so the edges will fray


Cutting instructions for the Cinch Backpack:

4 pieces 10″ X 11″—- 2 outside and 2 liner fabrics

2 Ribbons- 3″ long

Cinch Backpack Instructions:

1)  Lay outside 2 pieces right sides together

2)  Mark with a pencil 1/2 ” from the top edge on each side

3)  Mark with a pencil 1″ from the top edge on each side

4)  Fold the ribbon in half and pin one ribbon 1″ above the bottom corner on each side of the bag

5)  Sew the sides and bottom of the bag {DON’T sew in between the marks- that is the opening for the rope later}

6)  Turn right sides out

Bag Lining:

1)  Lay right sides together the front and back of the cinch bag

2)  Sew the sides and bottom of the bag, leaving a 3″ opening at the bottom for turning

Cinch Bag Finishing-

1)  Stuff the outside bag inside the lining, right sides together

2)  Pin the side seams and sew along the top edge

3)  Pull the bag through the opening

4)  Sew the opening closed and stuff the lining inside the bag.  Straighten the top edge and iron if needed

5)  Mark with a pencil, 1/2″ and 1″ from the top edge

6)  Sew around the bag along these lines

7)  Cut 2 ropes 36″ long

8)  Pull the rope through the channel entering and exiting on the same side of the bag

9)  Tie one end of the rope to the ribbon loop at the bottom of the bag

10)  Tie knots at the ends of the rope so they don’t slip out


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