Teepee Quilt Block Tutorial

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This is such a fun block….great for using your funky and fun fabric.  Mix them up.  Don’t worry about color matching or style or design.  Anything goes with this.

Pull out your crazy fabric.  Yeah the ones you have been collecting because they were weird and fun, but had no place to go.  Like the fire fabric.  Conversations prints, spaceships, dinosaurs, paint splashes, pirate, vintage.  You name it.

It’s an eye spy Teepee Quilt Block

tee pee quilt block tutorial | patchwork posse | easy sewing projects and free quilt patterns
Cutting Instructions:  this will yield 2 quilt blocks

Cutting Instructions:

2– 10″ X 6″
2– 2 1/2″ X 10 1/2″
2– 10″ X 6″ outside
2– 10″ X 6″ inside
Under flap:
2– 10″ X 6″
2– 2″ X 10 1/2″
teepee block patchwork posse

Teepee Quilt Block Instructions:

1)  Place right sides together- 2 background rectangles
2)  Cut from corner to corner
quilt block tent patchwork posse
3)  Repeat with under flap fabric
4)  Repeat with flap outside and inside fabric
1)  Pin right sides together the outside and inside flap fabric
2)  Sew on 2 sides of the flap. Snip corner and turn right sides out
3)  Turn right sides out and iron
4)  Trim to 9 1/2″ X 5 1/2″
5)  Pin in between the under tent and background triangles {right sides facing}
6)  Sew long diagonal seam
7)  Iron background back
8)  Repeat with opposite side
9)  Sew the two sides of the tent together make sure you don’t catch the flap in the seam!
10)  Sew background strip to the top of the block
11)  Sew the grass strip to the bottom of the block
After I made the one block, I made a bunch and put together a quiet book.  
You’ll find the full tutorial here:


What’s the craziest fabric that you own?




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