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Free Lunch Bag Pattern

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There are a lot of times when I just need a bag.  A simple lunch bag that will hold a few snacks, not leak, can fold flat and get tucked away, and perfect for just grabbing and going.

This free lunch bag pattern– the Simple Lunch Bag is just that!  It’s just the right height…and because it’s a flap it’s adjustable.  The boxed corners give you a bottom that can hold a sandwich size container, plus a bunch of other goodies piles on top.

simple lunch bag pattern free tutorial you can use. Supplies list too so you know what you need to sew it up.

The material I used was cotton (from Riley Blake).  With the wonderful vinyl cover from Thermoweb you can transform any fabric to a wipeable vinyl.  I went ahead and put the vinyl application on the wrong side of the fabric as well so the inside was wipeable too! No one like to have lunch with squished banana bits or gooey fruit snacks stuck to the bottom.

You can also use oil cloth fabric, or a fabric that has the vinyl coating already applied.

Materials Needed:

cotton fabric for the inside folded sides  2- 2 1/2″ X 33″

cotton fabric for the center of the bag  1- 7″ X 33″

elastic- 1/2″ wide X 12″

vinyl covering product from ThermoWeb 2– 12″ X 33″

free lunch bag pattern - sew up your own for back to school!

Free Lunch Bag Pattern~

1)  Sew the two strips to either side of the large strip

lunch bag sides

2)  Top stitch along the seam for a finish touch

lunch bag stitch detail

3)  Using the instructions on the vinyl product, cover both the right AND wrong side of the fabric **snip all threads! They will show if they are not removed now!

lunch bag vinyl

4)  Hem the ends 1/2″ – fold once and sew to secure

lunch bag hem the top

5)  Fold in half – right sides together

6)  Sew the side seams —if using the elastic, place is 1/2″ from the hem top on either side, crossing in front of the right side of the fabric (so it will be inside your fold)

lunch bag elastic in hem

7)  Measuring a 2″ X 2″ square, cut it out of each corner.  This technique will box your corners. For more help on boxing corners- check here 3 ways to box your corners

lunch bag box corner

8)  Pinch the boxed corner together and use clips to hold (pins will make holes in the vinyl)

lunch bag box corner 1

9)  Sew the boxed corner- repeat with the other corner

10) Turn right sides out and enjoy!

simple lunch bag pattern to sew

See the red clips I used? They are one of my favorites to have around!  Click on the picture to find out more about them- and get some for yourself! You’ll love them!

Looking for more styles and free lunch bag patterns?  Here are 30 more!  + a re-usable snack bag.

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