Quick and Festive Pot Rack Tutorial

Living here with the mom and dad means that I am surrounded by their cute house and decorations for the holidays.  Just thought that my moms pot rack is totally cute and festive~ so how about a quick tutorial on how to get one for yourself.


1)  Go to thrift stores and collect cute things to hang— cookie cutters,  little measuring cups, spoons,  how about a cookie rack, oohhh and mini muffin tins.  You name it, it will work! trust me.  Most of these items are metal and should be.  Easier to do the next step with.

2)  Buy yourself some red or green spray paint for metal.

3)  Take your precious finds outside or in the garage.  Line the floor with newspaper– we don't want to leave any spray painting evidence for the honeys to complain about now do we? Nope.  Spray away!!!

4)  Scrounge around the home for some cute ribbon and hang all your goodies from your rack.  Intermix with some ornaments, big plastic snowflakes, and whatever else.  How about throwing in a bit of garlands too— oh. yea!   You can keep your color palette classic with red/white, green/red or go for all the color in blinking christmas lights.  You decide.  Maybe some blinky lights would be totally cute!



If you fancy up your pot rack or see one out there— send it on over!  Or share the link.  We all would love to steal a look into the kitchen for a quick glance and festivity.

What other things would you include or spray paint?  Give the rest of us your great ideas!!!