10 More Dresden Plate Quilt Patterns

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Dresden Plate Quilts are so fun! They are a great way to mix a little bit of machine with hand sewn work {if you choose to go that direction}.  You can have plates with points, rounded or just simple cut off.

There are so many options!  This little collection will help you explore new layouts, sizes and designs.


With playing with layouts– remember that they can be sewn down to a whole piece background or to an individual quilt block.  The size is also adjustable— mix and match or keep it consistent.

They are great for using in the center of the quilt, as an accent, in the borders or corner blocks.  They can also be sewn into a full circle, half, quarter or three quarters…the options are endless!  That’s what makes them so fun!

Before we start with the free quilt patterns– here are some quick links to help you get started sewing yours:

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10 Dresden Plate Quilt Patterns~

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dresdenplatequilt3 Dresdenfinished
 Fashion Plate by Barbara Jones for Henry Glass Fabrics  dresdenplatequilt6
 dresdenplatequilt7  RKQ.Imperial
Chef's table topper, by Nanette Merrill at fredashive.blogspot.com Grandmother's Fan tutorial by Amy at seven-stitches.blogspot.com

Do you have a favorite dresden plate method or layout for a quilt?

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