dresden plate quilt block tutorial | patchworkposse | easy sewing projects and free quilt patterns
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Dresden Plate Quilt Block Tutorial

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I have always been a big fan of the dresden plate quilt block. The little points, the angles….the ability to make it scrappy or not.
I have been putting off making something with them for awhile….today it’s going to stop!

Not only will you be making a dresden plate…but you’ll learn how to quickly make your own template!  It’s not that hard…and you can adjust it make short squatty, or chunky dresdens.
Let’s learn how to sew a dresden plate.

dresden plate quilt block tutorial | patchworkposse | easy sewing projects and free quilt patterns

Dresden Plate Quilt Block Tutorial~

1)  Make your Template– Find out how you can do this quickly here!

2)  Fold the larger end- right sides together and sew across the top

3)  Snip the corner, turn right sides out and iron


4)  Place right side together two sides of the dresden and sew 1/4″ seam


5)  Open and iron.  Repeat until you have the desired length of dresden


Dresden Plates are easy to sew in a big long line.  Cut all your pieces, then fold and sew.  Don’t snip the thread, just feed another dresden in and sew again.  Repeat, repeat.

After you have sewn all of them, then snip the thread connecting them to separate them.


When you have your completed pieces you can now attach them to their base.  I used Liquid Fabric Fuse Adhesive from Thermoweb.  {LOVE IT!} This helps keep them in place.


Depending on what look you are going for you can choose to hand sew along the top points to secure them, just sew a few stitches at the point, or leave it for the machine quilter to quilt on top of.


For the project I was working on I did quarter sections of plates.  You will notice that the center of the plate is one big mess.  The edges might not match up, the fabric ends are exposed…..this needs to be covered.

You can choose to cover it is with a circle — a fabric yo yo works great here, or a straight edge which for me turned out to be a triangle shape.

fabric yo yo tutorial with printable templates | patchwork posse #yoyo #freepattern

If you are using a circle you can applique it in place.

Have you tried making a dresden plate quilt block before?  Have any suggestions?


dresden plate how to make your own template| patchworkposse | easy sewing projects and free quilt tutorials

9 thoughts on “Dresden Plate Quilt Block Tutorial

  1. Beverly Wright

    Every time I try to print the Dresden plate pattern I get the Kelly Blue Book site, even though I click on the delete when the add pops up. Any suggestions? Love the tutorial.

  2. Terry

    I, too, gett the KBB site. However, i’ve been wanting to try the Dresden Plate forever, but have never known how to use the acrylic template thingie. So, I’ll figure out how to print this out and then try it out! So excited to see your tutorial – thanks!

  3. Dawn

    I am not able to get to the pattern either

  4. Becky

    I fixed the link! Sorry about that. You are able to make your own template– super easy. Don’t be scared! 🙂

  5. Karen

    I am making a dresden plate baby quilt. Is there an easy way to make the center circle? I cut the fabric in a circle, but trying to fold the edge and pin is place is difficult without getting points along the finished edge of the circle.

  6. Becky

    If you are having an issue this is what I would do Karen– draw the circle on the wrong side of your fabric. Lay it right sides together with a second piece of fabric (can be cheaper) and stitch right on the drawn line. Trim around the edge outside of the stitching line 1/8-1/4″. Pull the fabric apart and snip a hole in ONLY the lining fabric. Then turn right sides out, push the edges out and iron well.
    Now you can use this circle with a finished edge and stitch down by hand or machine. Good luck!

  7. Meegan

    For the circle, i cut a piece of cardstock into the right size circle (or use a circle punch from scrapbooking), cut my fabric 1/2″ larger, baste edges, put the cardstock circle, centered on the wrong side of the fabric circle, pull basting thread tightly and tie off. Iron and starch. Let sit for couple of hours, remove cardstock by snipping basting thread, and machine or hand sew in place. Comes out perfect each time.

  8. Judy Fenoff

    Can’t figure out how to make a rounded top Dresden instead of the one that’s picked on top . Is there a tutorial on this ??

  9. Raydonna Sims

    I used a very small bowl to draw my rounded top for the dresden plate. Even though the pointy plate is easier, I prefer the rounded softer angles. Make sure to remember that when you draw the round top to allow for the 1/8 turn under for applique.

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