How to Make Your Crochet Placemat Lie Flat

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Earlier this week I shared my tutorial for How to Turn a Paper Doily into a Crochet Placemat. One of the problems that you might have, though, is that your placemat might not lie perfectly flat. If this bothers you, today’s tip should help.

crochet placemat

How to Make Your Crochet Placemat Lie Flat

The edging that I chose when I created the crochet placemat is designed to ruffle, which is why the placemat doesn’t lie flat. That happens because the edging has three stitches placed in every stitch from the round before it. To get your placemat to lie flat, simply make sure that you only have one stitch instead of three in the edging. You can do a sc, dc, sc just like I’ve done, but put each one into three consecutive stitches. If your placemat still isn’t flat, consider blocking your work. But be careful; remember that the doily in the center is made from paper so you’ll need to block only the yarn part that you’ve created around it.

crochet doily placemat tutorial


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