Zipper Pouch Tutorial for your Change |
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Zipper Change Pouch Tutorial

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Because of the giveaway going on {hurry and sign up!} and the fact that I am constantly digging around in my purse for change…. a little zipper pouch is the perfect place to keep all those coins!  The handle helps my fingers find this mostly heavy little bag lingering at the bottom in a hidden spot and pull it out.

As you can see from the picture, the zipper pouch is sewn with an orphan quilt block.  Flying geese to tell you the truth!  They were the perfect size and there were 4 of them, so they fit right in.

I used 2 flying geese quilt blocks for the front, and two for the back.  The lining fabric was from the same line of fabric.

Zipper Pouch Tutorial for your Change |

Materials needed:

2 quilt blocks – outside of the pouch  The quit blocks I used were 4″ X 6″ {2 flying geese sewn together}

2 fabric blocks- inner or lining of the pouch- each block will be equal to the size you of quilt block you are using above

1 zipper

2 1/2″ X 6″ — handle

Zipper Pouch Instructions:

1)  Sew your zipper to the top edge of the bag– your zipper will be sandwiched in between the outer and inner fabric.  After you sew the zipper, you can open them so they are on either side {right sides facing out} of the zipper and sew across the top – a finishing stitch

sew the zipper to the top of the quilt block

2)  Sew a tube of fabric for the handle 2 1/2″ X 6″.  Fold in half the long way and sew.  Turn right sides out and iron flat with the seam going down the middle of the strap.

3)  Lay and pin- right sides together the lining blocks and the outer quilt blocks- zipper will be in the center.  You are matching up the lining with the lining and the outside quilt block with the outside quilt block.

4)  Pin the handle 1/2″ down from the zipper, lining up the raw edges of the handle with the side of the pouch

lay right sides together the outer quilt blocks and the lining fabric

5)  Sew all the way around the pouch, leaving a 2 1/2″ opening on the lining side to turn

6)  Snip corners and turn right sides out

turn right sides out

7)  Sew the opening closed and stuff the lining inside the pouch

8) Load it up with some change!

zipper pouch for your change tutorial

Do you have a favoriet pouch for your change? What kind is it?

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  1. VickiT

    Great idea to use the Flying Geese this way. They’re the prefect size as you said. Thank you.

  2. Pam

    I definitely am going to make one! Love the Flying Geese!

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