Quilt Books You Should Buy

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After hitting quilt market, I ran into a few new books and notions that I am totally excited to use, read and sew with.  Today I thought I’d share a few of my favorites.  Now is the perfect time to get them and they are just hitting the market and stores.

To help you out– just in case you are looking around for some inspiration and projects to get working on….here are some that are on my top list!

quilt books to buy

I have touched each of these books and actually own them all now….. they are fantastic.  I am totally excited to browse a bit more and pick a few projects to start working on.

*This post contains affiliate links.  If you purchase a book via the link, I will earn a commission, enough to buy maybe a fat quarter.  I love these books and that’s why I’m sharing them.*

Quilt Books You Should Buy This Year


I met Shannon and she is a delight.  She loves to use her little bits…and let me tell you the end result is so my style!  This is a great book for digging through your small pieces you have been saving and putting them into something fun and new.

A bit about the book:With its easy stitching techniques, Scrappy Bits Applique, shows how simplicity can produce dramatic results. You’ll learn a fresh and fast “scrappy” approach to quilting, using a fast raw-edged technique. Guided by step-by-step instructions, you’ll learn how to intuitively choose, cut, and sew bits of fabric to create a collage of unique images and textures. Included are eight engaging quilt projects to try out your new skills.

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For anyone that has a little collection of panel fabric, this is for you!  It goes through different ways you can cut them up, or block them out, or just border them with simple steps.  Not a whole lot of math is needed and you are taken through step by step.

A bit about the book:Explore all the possibilities you have when you work with fabric panels with this guide. Learn to Quilt with Panels takes quilters on a creative journey showing them step by step how to use panels in quilts or as design elements simply by cutting them apart and incorporating them into quilt setting. This book shows options the quilter may not have thought of and also teaches how to start with an idea, then graph and design it, actually do the math, and finally complete it. This book is destined to be a go-to resource

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Susan was on the panel of Coats and Clark with me and let me tell you she knows her stuff!  Like her I am obsessed with wool blankets and this book is so fun.  It’s chock full of projects you can make with them. Great for new wools or older ones.

A bit about the book:

These patterns are for making home goods and accessories that are like no others. Author Susan Beal, working in partnership with Pendleton Mills, presents a collection of modern heirloom projects to sew and enjoy for generations.

From the sweet, simple primer on techniques (working with wool fabrics, hand-stitching, machine sewing, and quilting) to each individual project’s detailed instructions (with tips on cutting, pressing, top-stitching, hand-tying, and more) Susan’s passion for sewing shines through. Each project is rated from 1 sheep to 3 sheep, according to difficulty, and there are helpful box-feature guides throughouthelpful advice for everything from substituting fabrics to matching plaids to fabric care. On every page, readers will discover just how gratifying sewing can be.

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I met a few of the contributors for this book and they are so talented and fun!  It’s full of fantastic projects and is a great book to add to the collection that you can refer to and use your scraps with.  There is a variety of patterns included and styles.  There is something for everyone!

Recycle your scraps. Is your mountain of scraps in danger of toppling? Now’s your chance to make fantastic, edgy quilt designs from your beloved fabric remnants of past projects. The new and inventive patterns in Scraps, Inc.: 15 Block-Based Designs for the Modern Quilter will help you piece together your treasured scraps into a stunning new quilt.

15 budget-busting, modern quilt designs. This project-based book features 15 unique quilt designs by well-known designers and it is aimed at the experienced modern quilter. Save money as you sew by piecing together stunning new quilts from your stash of fabric scraps.

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Nothing to say other than Nancy Zieman rocks. Love that she is always designing something new.  I love this book for it’s simple and fun designs. Great for any sewer at any level.

Modern. Streamlined. Quick.

The benefits of quilting with columns are clear: in very little time, you can piece together a stylish, no-fuss quilt. This fresh approach to quilting from author Nancy Zieman is perfect for first-time quilters and anyone looking for a change from traditional quilt designs. Start small with the Dotted Columns Wall Hanging or go big with the Happy-Go-Lucky Chevron Column Quilt–with 13 quick and easy projects to choose from, you may just make them all!

  • Detailed instructions and illustrations for each project.
  • Overview of essential quilting techniques.
  • Tips on how to use the Quilt to Give pattern as a community outreach project.

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I was lucky enough to hang out with Amy while at market.  Love her!  This book is totally awesome and is great for getting quilts done pretty quick because the quilt block itself is bigger.

A bit about the book:

From best-selling author Amy Ellis, this collection features 10 original graphic blocks incorporated into 24 fabulous projects for home decor. Choose from simple, practical designs in a book that’s brimming with variety and value for all skill levels.

  • Achieve a cohesive look; each block is featured in a coordinating set that includes a quilt, pillow, and bed runner
  • Create designs that showcase your fabrics; all blocks finish at 18″ and are easy to mix and match
  • Follow clear instructions that include finishing options for pillows; create a covered zipper, an envelope back, and bound edges

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