String Piece Strip Quilt Tutorial

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String piecing is a lot of fun….. you will find that it has a lot of options with placement.  This baby quilt is a great one to give string piecing a try with.  It’s not too big– finishes at 46″ X 46″ .

flamingo legs baby quilt tutorial

The fabric I used for this baby quilt is from Andover Fabrics.  Called of course– FLAMINGOS!

As you can see from the pictures that I didn’t try to line up the seams at all.  I had a variety of sizes of strips ranging from 3″ wide to 1 1/2″ wide.  They will not line up when you are done.  The only thing that will kind of line up is the center strip.  This will be the constant and tame the business of the other strips down.

String piecing is perfect for crazy and scrappy fabric just because that one fabric can pull everything in the quilt together.

Materials Needed:

various strips

strip piece muslin backing: 16– 9″ X  9″

one constant color (mine being the white strip down the center)  2 1/2″ X 16″ — you will need 16 strips for this size of a quilt. Want a larger quilt? Add more blocks!


pink:  2– 1 1/2″ X 34″ and 2– 1 1/2″ 36″

grey flamingo print:  2– 5″ x 46″  and 2– 5″ X 36″

flamingo legs baby quilt

Flamingo Legs a String Piece Strip Quilt~

1)  String piece the quilt blocks — here is a quick reminder on the process of sewing the quilt block.

2)  Play around with the placement of the quilt blocks.  There are a few options and with the layout of the block you will find some fun options.

string  piece 3

string piece placement2 string pieced placement

Learn the process of string quilting here.

I went with the last layout.

3)  Sew your blocks together in 4 rows of 4 blocks each

4)  Sew your rows together to make the center of the quilt

5)  Sew your smaller red border to the quilt center

6)  Sew your larger 5″ border to the quilt center

7)  Iron well and layer your backing and batting and quilt as desired

flamingo legs quilt

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