Snowman quilt and pillow set | patchworkposse #christmas #snowman #pillow #quilt
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Snowman Pillow Tutorial

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I am a super big fan of blue.  I believe I got that love of blue from my mother.  It was and still is her go-to color.  If you look into my fabric stash, this is the color that I have the most of.  I have a hard time not putting it into a project.  For this snowman pillow, I used the fabric from the Dear Stella Ashe line.   It couldn’t have been more up my alley.  The blues and tones are simply divine

Snowman quilt and pillow set | patchworkposse #christmas #snowman #pillow #quilt

After making the quilt, I ended up with a few half square triangles and decided to make a matching pillow.  This tutorial is only for the snowman pillow, but you can find the  snowman quilt tutorial here!

Just in case you don’t have time for the quilt, the materials list how many and what size of half square triangles you will need.  So you can make it either way.

Materials Needed for the snowman pillow:

Snowman Pattern Download    Get the password for the library including this free pattern!

16– 4″ x 4″ half square triangles (if you sewed the snowman quilt, these would be leftovers!)

2– 15″ X 2″ border fabric

2– 18″ X 2″ border fabric

15″ x 15″ fusible fleece

heatnbond lite– carrot nose

orange fabric scraps for nose

8 black buttons- eyes (or black felt circles)

fabric for backing

pillow form

Snowman quilt and pillow set | patchworkposse #christmas #snowman #pillow #quilt

Finished size: 18″ X 18″

You can make adjustments to this size with the outside border.  Great for customizing to a pillow form you already have around.

Snowman Pillow Tutorial:

1)  lay the half square triangles out in this order


2)  Sew them into 4 patch sections


3)  Sew the 4 squares into the center of the pillow

4)  Fuse to the fusible fleece piece

5)  Quilt how you would like


6)  Fuse the orange fabric to the heatnbond lite.  Cut out 4 small triangles for the nose

7)  Fuse the nose in place and stitch to secure using matching thread


8)  Sew the buttons in place


9) Finish the pillow with the backing and closure that you like

Snowman quilt and pillow set | patchworkposse #christmas #snowman #pillow #quilt

Love the quilt?  Want to make it?  You’ll find the full tutorial here —Snowman Quilt Tutorial.

This blog post has been converted to an optional PDF that’s optimized for printing. Find more here. The blog post is totally free to read, print, and sew! The PDF tutorial & download for $2 is totally optional.

snowman quilt tutorial | patchworkposse

Snowman quilt and pillow set | patchworkposse #christmas #snowman #pillow #quilt

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