Free Snowman Quilt Pattern

Free Snowman Quilt Pattern

During the cold winter, nothing is better than hanging out with a snuggly quilt and some stitching on the lap.  This snowman quilt reminds me of the fun that snow brings with it when it’s fresh and the kids are hopping about ready to head out and go play.  It’s a fun quilt- with a little bit of character with each snowman face.

— it’s a super quick quilt to sew.  Plus, you can use up your scrap corners for a matching pillow.  This makes a fun set for giving or tossing on the couch during those long winter months.

The nose on the snowman are applique.  Nothing fancy– and you can play with the placement to give them some character.

You are to begin?

snowman quilt tutorial | patchworkposse - so cute! I love the simple design with the big snowman faces- perfect for winter snuggles. I'm thinking one of the boys would like this one for sure.

Materials Needed:

Heatnbond® Lite Fusible

45– 5″ X 5″ blue fabric for 9 patch quilt blocks — you can use fat eights in a variety of prints to get a scrappy look — 7/8 yard total

16– 5″ X 5″ blue fabric for corners of snowman blocks — half yard

4– 14″ X 14″ white/light  fabric- snowman faces — or 3/8 yard

orange scraps 6″ X 3″ for carrot noses

4– 41″ X 3″ blue fabric for the border — half yard

4– 3″ X 3″ white corners of border

Batting and backing- 50″ X 50″

Snowman quilt and pillow set | patchworkposse #christmas #snowman #pillow #quilt

Snowman Quilt Pattern– Download    Get the password for the library including this free pattern!

Free Snowman Quilt Pattern

1)  Sew 5– 9 patch quilt blocks using the 5″ squares


2)  On the wrong side of the 16- 5″ squares, draw a line from corner to corner

3)  Draw a second line 1/2″ from the previous line

4)  Place one blue square in the corner of the white square- the second line will be on the outside of the block


5)  Sew on both drawn lines

6)  Cut in between the sewn lines and iron– set aside the half square triangle for a second project which is the snowman pillow!


7)  Repeat with all 4 corners of the snowman


8)  Draw 4 snowman noses approximately 5″ long and largest end is 2 1/2″-3′ wide.

9)  Trace the triangle to the fusible heatnbond lite


10)  Fuse to the wrong side of the orange fabric and cut out

11)  Place on the snowman head and fuse in place

12)  Sew two buttons on the block for eyes



13)  Sew the center of the quilt together- alternating 9 patch quilt blocks and snowman heads

14)  Sew a border to the top and bottom of the quilt

15)  Sew the 4 light 3″ squares to each end of the remaining two border strips


16)  Sew these to the sides of the quilt


17)  Layer your quilt- batting and backing and quilt

18)  Bind your quilt


Remember that you can sew up a cute matching Pillow with those leftover corners!

Free Snowman Pillow Pattern

Snowman quilt and pillow set | patchworkposse #christmas #snowman #pillow #quilt

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What’s your favorite Winter sewing project?

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