elf on the shelf patchwork bag tutorial | patchworkposse #christmas #elfontheshelf
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Elf on the Shelf Patchwork Bag Tutorial

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Now that we have our elf on the shelf dolls and accessories all made, let’s get them something to be stored in.

This bag would be great to use for storage when not in use, or arriving or departing in…or traveling if you bring them along to your own adventures.

Along with the bag there is a little label.  You can use this to personalize your elf– pin it to the bag, or sew it to the front.

elf on the shelf patchwork bag tutorial | patchworkposse #christmas #elfontheshelf

Materials for the Elf on the Shelf bag:

40– 2 1/2″ X 2 1/2″ for the patchwork area

bottom of bag: 2– 4 ” X 10 1/2″

top of bag: 2– 2″ X 10 1 /2″

2– 1″ X 10 1/2″ ribbon or lace for the pull casing

32″ ribbon for the pull


2– 13 1/2″ X 10 1/2″


Elf on the Shelf Patchwork Bag Tutorial

1)  Sew the squares together until you have two panels that are 20 squares each–

2)  Sew the top strip to the top

3)  Sew the bottom strip to the bottom– IF you’d like a sturdier bag, use a lite weight interfacing.  Cut two pieces the same size as the lining and place on the wrong side of the patchwork piece– BEFORE you quilt.  When you do the next step, this will secure the interfacing and give more structure to the bag.

4)  Quilt with grid pattern across the patchwork

5)  Repeat with second piece


6)  Lay the lace 10 1/2″ piece on the top seam of the bag and sew the top and the bottom of the lace — the holes in the lace will be used for lacing the ribbon pull or tie for the bag

7)  Lay right sides together and sew the sides and bottom of the bag- leave the top open

8)  Repeat step 6 with the lining

9)  Box the corners- measuring 1 1/2″ from the corner point

10)  Mark the measurement and sew on the drawn line.  Repeat with second corner and with the corners of the lining


11)  Stuff the lining inside the patchwork bag– right sides facing

12)  Sew along the top of the bag

13)  Snip a few stitches in the side lining and pull the insides out

14)  Stuff the lining inside the patchwork bag and iron

15)  Using a safety pin, lace the 32″ ribbon in the loops of the lace casing- the ribbon will go in and out the same side.  If you’d like two pulls, cut a second ribbon and start and end on the opposite side.  When you pull the ribbon the top of the bag will cinch


Here comes the fun part– let’s make it personalized!  This little label can be used as a tag to the bag, or you can stitch it to the front of the bag…use it as a pocket or not.

You could make more than one if you’d like…depending on how many kids are receiving it or just add everyone’s name to one tag.

The upper right corner is open for a special stamp or maybe a fussy cut and appliqued stamp if you’d like.


Tag Materials:

light fabric for stitching- 6″ X 8″

backing- 5″ X 7″

stitchery design

Very Special Delivery Tag Tutorial

1)  Trace the template onto your light fabric

2)  Stitch on the lines and personalize if you’d like with your own name or names- trim to 5″ X 7″

3)  Lay right sides together the stitched front and the back piece

4)  Sew all the way around the tag leaving a 2″ opening for turning

5)  Snip corners and turn right sides out, iron and stitch the opening closed


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