How to Use Measuring Tape for Snappy Pouches

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A snappy pouch is so handy!  I love how it keeps things inside and doesn’t add a lot of weight.

They are kind of fun to play with– the snappy action.  These are great for making coin purses, card purses, wristlets and great for kids wallets!

There are a few things to know about using a measuring tape and getting them to work right.

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Let’s go over a few things right now that will help you out a ton.  This is such a simple thing to do, but there are some confusing parts and there is nothing worse then sewing along and then getting stumped on what goes where and how does that work again questions.

How to use Measuring Tape for Snappy Pouches~


1– Snip the corners of your measuring tape.  They are sharp and will eventually poke through any fabric casing you will be using.

*make sure you aren’t using your best scissors.  You are cutting through metal!

2– If you really feel insecure about just snipping the corners you can also wrap your tape ends in masking tape.

3– When you feed the tape into your casing, you will need to make sure that the pieces are in the right position.  The number will be FACING each other.  If you get this wrong the snappy won’t work.


4– You will need some kind of a pull to get it to open.  Use a ribbon or make your own little prairie point piece for this.



5–  Make sure when you are sewing the tape into the casing piece that you don’t catch the edges with your needle.  Your needle can break or the measuring tape will get a nick which can be sharp and work through your material again.

Do you have any hints for sewing with a measuring tape for your snappy closure?

Are you ready to give a snappy closure a try?  Here are some extra great pouch projects–


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snap pouchcollage.jpg

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