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Smock Apron Tutorial

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After trying a few different kinds of aprons, I have found that I love the smock apron!  This apron will hang on your shoulders, cover your tops and with two large pockets you can pack around anything!

This summer was the first summer in the new home that has fruit trees.  It’s been quite a few years since I’ve had fruit trees… I have forgotten how crazy it gets with canning!

bottling jars 1

There is more fruit than meets the eye!

Of course this would mean that I needed a new apron.  The ones I have just weren’t cutting it any more.

Plus, I really liked the idea of having something a little higher…but wasn’t hanging around my neck.  After a good 4 hours of jelly making you totally don’t need a neck ache!

The straps on the shoulder take care of that as well as the high smock bodice– keeps those fruit spatting from the pan off of your shirt!

And- pockets.  I’m not sure you can have enough.  I put two pockets on the front– and they are big.  Nothing small here.

The mongo ties in the back allow you to make any kind of adjustments as well.

I love this new apron.

canning apron tutorial

Materials Needed:

2– 5″ X 42″ (or width of fabric) ties

2– 5″ X 31″ smock top

2– 5″ X 19″ straps (you might want to make sure that size will work for you prior to cutting)

1– 24″ X 42 (or width of fabric) apron

2– 8″ X 8″ pockets

smock apron with ties and pockets

Smock Apron Tutorial~

1- lay and pin together 2 strap pieces- right sides facing

2- Sew on the sides and turn right sides out

3-  Iron with the seam going down the back

apron straps

4- Sew on the sides of the strap twice for a finished look and to make them not twist when they get washedapron straps stitching

5- Lay your tie fabric on the cutting mat, line up your ruler to the 45 degree angle on the bottom and cut so the end is a point. You will only be cutting points on ONE end of each tie

6- Repeat with other ties – you’ll have 4 ends with point

cut the ends of the ties

7– Snip the point and turn right sides out. Iron and stitch twice along each side

end of ties

8– Hem the sides of the apron piece – fold the edge under 1/4″ and iron — Here is a video tutorial on how to do this type of hem!

hemming the edge

9– Fold the edge over another 1/4″ and sew along the edge to finish the hem

hemming the edge again

10– Sew twice with a super long stitch -4 setting on your machine- for gathering the top edge of the apron piece

double stitch for gathering

11– Fold one smock bodice piece in half and iron to crease the center- pin one strap edge 4″ from the center crease.  Repeat with second strap

pin tie from center

12– Pin the ends of each strap 1 1/2 inch from the edge

pin other end

13– the straps will look like this- I would suggest trying this on before stitching down.  Check the placement and how it fits!

ties are pinned

14– Lay the other smock bodice piece on top- right sides facing, pin to secure and stitch in place

15– Open the bodice and pin the skirt piece 1″ from the edge – repeat with other side and skirt piecepin the skirt to the edge

16– Carefully pull your gathering stitches and gather the skirt to fit the bodice piece.  Pin to keep in place

pin and gather apron skirt

–Open the bodice piece and iron one edge 1/4″

smock apron top

18– Fold over the bodice to the front— lay your ties in between the two smock bodice pieces and pin in place

19– Stitch along the edge 1/2″ seam.  Notice how the seam is lining right up with the skirt– you don’t want to catch the apron skirt in the seam so check that you aren’t before stitching!

fold smock top and sew down sides

20– Turn the smock bodice right sides out, pull the ties out and iron well

21– Because the edge was folded and ironed prior, the edge will naturally want to turn under.  Pin in place just beyond the stitching for the apron skirt

pin just past stitching

22– Stitch along the whole edge of the bodice

23– Fold the bottom hem of the apron skirt 1/4″ and iron

iron edge for hem

24– Fold the bottom hem a second time and iron — you can adjust this amount based on where you’d like the skirt to land on your leg

hem edge of apron


1– Hem the top edge of the pocket

2– Fold the other three sides 1/4″ and iron

3– Place on apron and pin to secure

4– Stitch around the three sides twice to secure and for a finished look

smock top apron with pockets tutorial

I really am not a fan of posing with my stuff….. but yeah. here ya go.

Here is the backside of the Smock Apron– with the mega ties. Cute!

tie back of smock apron

chicken with the apron

tie back of the smock apron

For more fun aprons– check out these:  50+ Apron Tutorials

What kind of apron do you use?

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  1. Anne

    That’s a great apron!! I’ve got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for tomorrow that features your tutorial:


  2. Becky

    Thanks Anne!



  4. Becky

    Make the straps longer and then just tie them in the front or put together a closure system she can use. the straps are quite long as they are, so a minor adjustment might be needed to make it happen.

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