Small Travel Bag for Hand Stitching with Hexagons

Do you sew on the go?  Are you always digging around in deep bags, looking for your sewing supplies and projects?  This small travel bag might be just what you need!

It can hang on your arm– or the arm of an arm chair.  Your hand can slip right in and grab your embroidery thread, scissors, hexagons, templates….you name it.  It even works great for crochet or knitting balls of yarn.

hand sewing travel bag | PatchworkPosse #sewingproject #bagtutorial #handsewing

The hexagons on the front are just a little fun addition.  You can do more, or less of them –you choose.

The bag measures 10″ X 8″ when finished and has a box pleat (just a little one) on the bottom so it makes the bag a little nicer inside.  It’s reversible too– so you can pick and choose what you’d like to show off, fabric wise.

hand sewing travel bag | PatchworkPosse #sewingproject #bagtutorial #handsewing

Materials Needed:

12″ X 20″ designer weight fabric (outside of bag)

12″ X 20″ fabric (inside lining)

3 scraps of fabric for hexagons

2″ Hexagon templates There are a few other free sizes of printable hexagon templates- you can pick your own if you’d like smaller or the larger ones.

Travel Bag Template download in the Quilt Library

Small Travel Bag for Hand Stitching Tutorial~

1)  Print off the travel bag template and cut out

2)  Fold your fabric in half so it measures 12″ X 10″

3)  Pin your template in place with the fold along the bottom of the bag.  Cut your lining and outside bag

4)  Sew the sides of the bag right sides together- lining and outside

5)  Measure in the corners 1/2″ X 1/2″ and mark with pencil


6)  Cut out corner


7)  Fold the corner and re-align the corners to make a box pleat.  If you’d like other options for box pleats check out 3 box bottom options here.


8)  Stuff the lining inside of the outside travel bag piece- right sides together- pin along the arm opening.  The top edge will open


9)  Sew along the arm openings- snip the curves


10)  Turn right sides out


11)  Fold the outside handle over the bag bottom and pin to the opposite side- right sides together


12)  Sew along the edge- make sure you don’t catch the bag bottom in the seam- it will look like this:


13)  Turn the bag so the lining is on the outside.


14)  Fold ONE edge 1/4″ and iron


15)  Over lap the folded edge on top of the raw edge and hand stitch in place.  The sides might need to be stitched as well


16)  You can use a ladder stitch for quick stitching


17)  Cut out hexagon templates and make 3 hexagons- need help with your hexagons?  Check out  hexagon sewing here.

18) Hand stitch the hexagons to the bag –feel free to make as many hexagons as you’d like and do your own design.


Load it with your travel sewing kit and you are set!


The sleeve on the bag is large enough to slip on a arm chair too….so you can sit anywhere and hang it.  Or take in your car or airplane. Works with any kind of travel.


What kind of projects do you have in your sewing travel bag?

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