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How to Double Crochet

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Crochet can be super fun. I find that I like to do it while watching t.v. or chatting with others.  I find it a little bit of a mindless activity.  There is a little bit of counting that goes on, but really it’s kind of simple work that can be done wherever, whenever.

The Double Crochet is a great stitch.  It’s taller than the single crochet.

how to double crochet

How to Double Crochet

1)  make yourself the starting chain

chain stitch 50 times

2) Wrap the yarn around the hook– this happens BEFORE you go through the loops

crochet cowl 1

3)  Slip your hook through the loops and out the other side.

crochet cowl step2

4)  Snatch the yarn around the hook end

double crochet stitch3

5)  pull it through TWO loops on the hook

double crochet 4

6)  Snatch the yarn again with the hook and pull it through the last two loops on the hook

double crochet how to 5

7)  Repeat until you have the desired length

This chunky yarn and big fat crochet hook was used for making a crochet cowl.

learn how to crochet a cowl. Simple and cute

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